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  1. Well I think there is a problem with the oculus rift plugin. when I played before (2018/2019) the game started first and the oculus interface after. Now when I start 3DXCHAT, the oculus interface starts up at the same time and I think there must be a conflict. when I turn off the oculus interface, the game seems to get better.
  2. It is not a PC problem as I have been playing 3DXCHAT and oculus rift CV1 for a long time without problems. The game starts normally and it begins to hang around and hang after five minutes. I also have a connection with a 1 Gbit / s fiber. I think it comes from the servers. My computer: CM: ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING CORE I5 6600K (4.6 Ghz) RAM: G SKILL RIPJWAKS 3000MHZ (16GB) CG: GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 2080 SCREEN: ASUS - ROG Swift PG278QR SSD: SAMSUNG M.2 NVME 970 EVO PLUS 500 GB SSD: SAMSUNG 860 EVO 500 Go 2.5 SATA III
  3. Hi, last month I took a month to play and the game was slowing down and freezing quickly. Two months later, I resume a month and still have the same problem. The game jerks and freezes. I have to turn off to start again but it does nothing. I live in France and I have already tried everything. It is really not serious on your part especially for a game with monthly payment. I am using google translation so sorry if all is not correct.
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