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    This game is nothing like anything you have ever seen! With the right people, and some time polishing your profiles and learning basic etiquette in the game, you will get hooked very easily! However, I recommend whoever is looking into this game to try for themselves for one month, if you find yourself to like this game you can continue or wait to pay a discounted price at the end of the year (Christmas). There are small complains that I have is: - The lack of new features - The lack of new clothing items - The lack of body customization (everyone look very similar to each other in this game) - The rate of update seems to be very slow If these can somehow be solved by hiring more developers, it will be near perfect! I think it can easily do it with no hassles with a game with so many players daily, but I'm really not sure why updates are not as often as they should be
  2. I would love to see some more men's clothings Tired of hooking up with guys that look all the same 😑
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