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  1. it's a bit difficult at first, but with the habit you end up loving it
  2. which women would not like that we like to have several men to satisfy. mmmmmmmf but I understand that men prefer .fffffffm gentlemen you need health
  3. Hello first of all excuse my english, i'm french. I'm MrsTyroon in the game, my husband MikeTyroon is a great BBC and very much in love with me. He is a real bull and I love it when he takes me with force. It is very far from being a cuckold !! Yet he loves taking me when I have just been defiled by one or more men, and I love being offered like that. when he takes me then it's always a wonder. Do not hesitate to come and tell us about it. I would be happy to offer myself to you in his presence, of course. I am also looking for a young man of 18 years speaking French to play the role of my son in a family rp (he has a daughter)
  4. c'est vrai qu'être habillée en long ca manque
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