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  1. Thanks Carrie......bring them to Boardwalk.....unless they have cop outfits.....then GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!........lol
  2. That's our job! Safe Haven #1 Private Discord Server Over FOUR HUNDRED members! More chat then ANY server on 3DX! Need a DJ or dance team for ur room? We have the largest selection to choose from! https://discord.gg/2a6KbEe
  3. Hmmmm....it appears to be a great mystery out there.....lol......I guess I'll just wait for the Christmas deal again next year......
  4. Right now I'm paying 5 bucks a month for year......If I get the 50% deal Id pay 3.80 a month.....how do they pro-rate that?......Do I keep paying the 5 bucks a month for one year then the 3.80 a month kicks in for a second year? or does it go into effect immediately at 3.80 a month and lasts just a year?.....That would be a loss for me
  5. Is it worth this aggravation for 15 dollars?
  6. I just got a years sub.....are they going to subtract it from the first one or add another year to it?
  7. Anyway.....looks like no one knows how they pro-rate it so I guess I'll wait for now....
  8. I would save about 15 bucks a year......it doesn't sound like a lot but hey.....That's a couple of coffees at Starbucks! lol
  9. I just got the Christmas deal for a year.....If I get the new update does that mean I get 2 years?
  10. People share or gift accs to me all the time......What am I suppose to do with them?.....throw them away? The number one reason they leave the game is because of haters and trolls or they just can't find someone for real life.....i.e. skype etc. BUT it gives them pleasure to give these accs away to people they know that will enjoy them......and whats wrong with that?
  11. This is all I get when I click my name
  12. Can you take a screenshot of where I enable it?
  13. I don't see ANY of my friends message boxes.
  14. I can't receive or send PRIVATE messages. I think I unchecked something in settings I shouldn't have, Please help me....
  15. HI Honey.....I think I messed up something in my settings.....wanted to send you PRIVATE message.......sigh


  16. Hope all is ok by you...    ❤️


    1. Ammini


      Thanks, dear! We both are good. hope you are doing well too.

  17. Won't let me promote events.....the form doesn't come up.
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