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  1. I didnt notice any slowing down before It shut down.
  2. When was patch 421 released?
  3. Jimmyjoe

    Cuckold RP

    My name here is the same as in game, just tap me if you see me. For Cuckold duties. JJ
  4. Hi Priya. Id love to serve as Cuckold for you. PM:ed Jimmyjoe
  5. Such a lovely post Eveelyn. Hope to see you in game. JJ
  6. Well I don't see Cuckolding as very FUTA oriented. The game may or may not be about who you are in real life. Other things than your gender may differ from your real life you. I think many pass the FUTA phase and move on after a while. Talk a little with the girls in game, its not very difficult to expose a man behind the tits. But thanks anyway for sharing your view.
  7. Just open a room and choose a good name, most of the time people start to gather to look. Sometimes to participate. Some are curious and would like to try. Give a show, use the LocalChat. Use your gallery to describe your fetich. Visit other kink rooms that borders to your kink and let other stumble upon you. Remember Cuckolding is kinda submissive so you don't get to choose Gf/wife. Give it some time and let your char stay true to the role. Don't have sex with a girl i a public room you intend to Cuckold in. JJ
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