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  1. Tried posting from Mobile, it caused some SQL error and hence double post, mods please delete this post.
  2. Btw, by tools I didnt mean clothes editor or pose editor but utilities that will let us convert models and animations from 3dsmax or some 3d modeling software into 3dxchat. That way we can get started with at least the basic stuff. Coming to pricing, I meant the updates don't justify the price. If price is brought down, more people might pick up this game, just my thought.
  3. I would suggest the Devs to open up the game, give tools to add content, Dev Editors curate and add good content to the game as defaults and bring down the price by half, you'll see more people picking up the game. Bring an in-game store where we can download content by others. Make the game extensible, we'll bring you new content! I was in main server for like six months, tried test server, didn't feel it was good to put my money into yet.
  4. Thanks guys for the info
  5. Btw, are there any Game / Publisher approved Prepaid card re-sellers? I got a message from a girl in another game claiming that she is approved Game Prepaid Card seller and she can get codes for a much cheaper price. I couldn't trust her, so denied her offer. Please throw some light on this.
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