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Draw Distance limitation?

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#1 Augoeides



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Posted 03 October 2017 - 11:09 PM

There seems to be this "circle" around my character that renders things better as they come into view, mostly just shadows. I'm using a GTX 1060 graphics card with the game on max settings, so it doesn't seem to be something on my end. I was wondering if there was a way to fix this.


So, pretty sure this thing was always around, but after coming back to 3DX Chat recently, I've noticed it again and due to being a bit of a videophile and I cannot seem to unsee anymore. I'm guessing it's something to do with Draw Distance, but there's no option to increase that. The circle is pretty visible when I move around and is quickly becoming an eyesore, as I cannot help, but focus on it heavily now. It's really distracting.


An example is below, I've marked the edge of the circle in red, since most people don't even seem to notice the difference. I only bothered to draw a short line outlining it's edge, but it's definitely a circle that surrounds me.



#2 Alliehotass



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Posted 04 October 2017 - 11:59 AM

Hmmm interesting. Ive noticed something similar too. I have noticed peoples hair especially from a distance look undetailed and as i move closer the detail is suddenly rendered. Also i have noticed your problem too in mah clubs i have made. Seeing as i have light cube lines on the floor this is easy to see and is similar looking to your shadow prob you show. One way i fix eet is to open graphics settings in game and then just close it and it fixes it. 


Now I never used to notice the details suddenly popping with the hairs for eg but now , like you, I see eet all tha time and ah don't think eet was always like this. Maybe a setting for the Vid Card perhaps.


If I find out what causes eet ill let ya know in this post.


Good luck :)



 undetailed hair and face              details pop in on moving a little closer


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‚ÄčThis is also fixed by opening the graphics setting window ingame and then just closing eet. But if I change clubs I get the same prob and have to fix the same way.

#3 Alliehotass



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Posted 04 October 2017 - 12:47 PM

I think it has something to do with LOD setting for the vid card (Level Of Detail)



#4 Lexzia


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 03:19 PM

Its the HD box... 
Everything inside that cirkle is in HD and everything out from the cirkle is not ;)

a good way to see that cirkle is at the beach, if you have free cam on and zoom in and out, so you see it clearly.

You can use that cirkle if you lag in a room.. If there are to many objects inside that cirkle, you might lag.. Go to the edge or top of a room, for reduse the objects inside that cirkle, can help to reduse the lag.  :D 

Ofc there can be so big rooms so it not will help, bc there just are to many objects and details there  ;) 


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