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Catch and F#ck Game

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Hey 3dxers,


 I am working with a friend of mine who wants to make his version of a catch and fuck game. He however has no idea where any good maps are for that. He wants to start by getting a few to pick from and modifying them accordingly. He has really liked some of the city /slum / maps that work very well for a medium player base of like 10 or so folks as a median for the game. He is also actively looking for help with his game ,and would love anyone's. He plans to host it whenever he is online or bored so he can spice up the game a bit. The game is rp based and anyone is welcome to enjoy it. RichardDaBoss is his 3Dx username if you want to get in touch with him. Any help here is appreciated as well.


- Rimaki

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