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Fantasies " A drive in the country "


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The day was quite warm, the bright sunshine beating down as the red GTO zipped along the country road. I watched you out of the corner of my eye, appreciating the short skirt you were wearing. I always get a twinge in the pit of my stomach when I think of you; the way your legs wrapped around me when we make love, the feel of your skin, the smell of you.

I felt himself growing just a bit from thinking about you. I was daydreaming about the night we had just shared. You are a very imaginative lover. I turned to look at you, and you at me. We smiled at each other, knowing instinctively what the other was thinking.

You glanced down and noticed the bulge in my pants. A big grin spread across your face as you thought about me. You turned and slid across the seat towards me. Placing your lips close to my ear, you whispered how much you liked the things we had done together the night before.

You reached down and began to rub me with your palm. Through my jeans, you felt me push up to your hand slightly. You touched my ear with the tip of your tongue, tracing the edge all the way from the bottom of the lobe to the top, then dipping slightly to the inside.

I shivered, a growl escaped my lips, and I tightened my grip on the steering wheel. you unbuttoned my jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper. you were toying with my ear, teasing with your tongue, nipping lightly with your teeth. your breath in my ear was wonderful, as was the pressure of your hand on my swelling cock. "Raise your hips, lover," you whispered.

I gladly obliged and you slid my jeans down over my hips. You began to caress me with your hand, as you kissed downward, on the side of my neck, and still downward.

You unbuttoned my shirt, kissing the skin as it was exposed. You took my nipple lightly between your teeth, running the tip of your tongue over it as I took in a sharp breath. I slowed a bit, unable to concentrate on my driving and what your hands and mouth were doing to me at the same time. I placed my right hand on your hair, caressing you lovingly. you continued to kiss my warm skin, slowly working your way downward, toward my straining erection. You lowered your head and flicked your tongue against the tip. Soft, feathery, teasing, little licks caused me to shudder.

My hand still in your hair, I pushed your head down. I pushed myself into your hot mouth. You eagerly took me in. You swirled your tongue around, licking and sucking. My fingers tightening in your hair, I pushed you down even farther until my entire erection disappeared in your mouth.

I groaned loudly, gripping the wheel and your hair tighter. You began to pull back, all the way to the tip, only to slide your lips down again. Finding it harder to drive, I slowed even more. As you pumped up and down, you massaged my balls, rubbing and squeezing lightly. I took my foot off the gas all together, looking for a place to stop.

I found what I was looking for: a dirt drive, almost hidden amongst the trees. We followed it a ways, back into the woods, until we came to a small clearing. I stopped the car, turned off the engine and leaned back in my seat, enjoying the feel of your lips and mouth on my cock.

You started moving faster, taking all of me. I watched myself slide in and out of your mouth, such a beautiful sight. I felt the stirring of release building within me. I was squirming in my seat, holding your head in my hands, your hair tangled in my fingers. I watched as I disappeared in your mouth, again and again, my erection glistening with your saliva. God, your mouth felt wonderful on me. Unable to contain myself any longer, I pushed into you as hard as I could, letting out a growl, filling your mouth with my cum.

You took all I had to give, not spilling a single drop, and licked me clean. You held me in your mouth for a time, feeling me beginning to grow soft, but knowing you had the power to make me hard again and again. When my breathing returned to normal, you started to caress me with your lips once again. Almost instantly, I began to swell.

My hands wandered from your hair down to your back, around your side, over your hip and back up again. I wanted badly to see your naked body in the sunlight, to feel you with my hands and taste you again.

I pulled you up off of me and, looking into your eyes, kissed you passionately, tasting myself on your lips, feeling the softness of your mouth with mine. My tongue parted your lips, insisting on exploring your inner warmth. I thought first of your mouth and later, of other, more intimate regions. You moaned softly, pulling me tightly into your embrace. I wanted  to lay you on the seat and make love to you, but I knew that there was not enough room to move around like I wanted. "Get out of the car," I told you.

I reached into the back seat, retrieved a blanket, walked to the front of the car and spread it on the hood. I reached out for you and you stepped into my embrace, I pulled you close. I kissed you again, taking my time to taste every inch of your mouth before pulling back slightly to kiss your cheeks, your nose, your eyelids. I traced my tongue along the line of your jaw, kissing and caressing your face with my mouth. My hands played across your back, massaging, lightly squeezing you, my hands drifting down to cup both your cheeks, pulling you even closer.

You could feel the contours of my body, every curve, every bulge, especially the one pressing into your most intimate place. I was so very hard again, and you were on fire for me. I tugged your short skirt down over your hips, then your top came off over your head and you were left standing in nothing but your bra and panties. I loved the way the white lace looked against your smooth skin.

"Turn around," I said softly. You turned to face the car.

I stepped directly behind you, placed my hands on your shoulders, and began a torturously slow exploration of your body with my hands and mouth. I kissed your shoulders, the back of your neck, then let my fingertips glide down your back to the top of your lacy panties. I massaged your cheeks through the cloth and moved my hands around to your front. I pulled the full length of your body against mine, pressing my lips to your neck once again. My hands moved upward to cup both your breasts, bringing a moan from you.

You pushed your lace-covered bottom tightly against my rock hard erection. I gently squeezed your breasts through the lace, feeling your nipples straining to be free of their confinement. I was glad to oblige, undoing the hook and letting the wisp of lace fall away. You kept pushing yourself against me, moaning softly, as I thoroughly massaged your breasts, finally taking the hard sensitive nipples in my fingers and squeezing. you groaned loudly, melting into me.

Trying to keep my control, I backed away from you a bit and told you to bend over and put your hands on the hood of the car. You quickly obliged. This was not helping my composure, seeing you bent over, nothing covering your cheeks but a thin strip of white lace. Kneeling behind you, I placed my hands on your hips and let them roam over your bottom, pausing at your thighs, and continuing down the entire length of your legs.

You wiggled with anticipation as I reached for the top of your panties and began ever-so-slowly to pull them down over your hips, kissing and licking the exposed flesh. I moved my mouth slowly down your legs, licking my way down, kissing the sensitive places behind your knees. Lifting your feet, first one, then the other, I removed your panties.

You felt as if you would faint when I spread your legs and placed my tongue on your inner thigh. I brushed my fingers over you, touching you with my tongue, causing you to shiver. Pushing your thighs further apart, I finally touched the tip of my tongue to your already swollen lips, tasting the wetness that was beginning to drip from you.

Your cries of pleasure mixed with the sounds of birds singing in the trees as I entered you with my tongue, licking up the moisture, inhaling your natural perfume. Your knees were getting weaker as I licked and sucked your lips, moving up the crease between your cheeks, lightly nipping with my teeth, causing you to quiver and beg me to take you.

I was determined to take my time, to bring you to the brink again and again, then give you the most intense release possible. I licked my way back to the entrance between your hot lips and slipped my tongue in once again as far as I could. Another loud cry escaped you and you pushed back against me. I held you firm and moved my mouth further towards your love button, using the tip of my tongue to lick all around without actually touching it.

Panting, gasping for breath, You begged me to give you the release you wanted so badly, but I continued my slow, methodical consumption of you, getting more aroused by the minute. I finally touched your delicate bud with my tongue and sucked it between my lips, tugging lightly on it. I could feel your orgasm rising to the surface, so I pulled away, stepping back from you.

You stood and turned toward me, reaching to pull me to you. I backed you against the hood of the car, Kissed you passionately and pushed you down onto the hood.

You lay back, feeling the warmth of the car on your back through the blanket, the warm sun beating down on your naked body. I quickly shed my clothes and leaned over you, again tasting your sweet mouth, caressing your breasts, feeding the smoldering fire that was inside you.

You grasped my head in your hands and pulled my mouth to your breasts. I nibbled first one hard nipple, then the other. Finally, unable to contain myself any longer, I placed the tip of my straining cock at the hot, wet entrance between your legs, rubbing it back and forth along your lips, covering myself with your juices. With a single, swift thrust, I was inside you. You cried out, writhing beneath me, pushing your hips upward to meet me as I began moving within you, trying to go slowly, but finding it impossible to hold back.

The sun, the birds, the warm afternoon breezes; all of this went unnoticed as I slid himself in and out of you, both of us lost in each other, consumed by the passion.

Moving faster now, feeling your orgasm rising once again, as well as my own, I stood, pulling you to the edge of the hood so that I was standing between your legs. I lifted your legs, placed your feet at my shoulders and slid even deeper inside you. your whimpers turned into cries of intense, almost painful pleasure as an exquisite orgasm overtook you. your contracting feminine muscles gripped me tightly again and again, sending me over the edge. I filled you once again with my cum.

Clinging to each other, gasping for breath, savoring the feel of each other, we remained joined for some time. Slowly we became aware of our peaceful surroundings, of the warm sun, and the breezes lightly caressing, cooling our bodies. I released your legs, pulled you to me and I held you tenderly. :) 

.........thanks for reading Please forgive my poor grammar skills I'm working on another piece but i'm stuck and could use some help if you think you can help please send me a message .....Spike 


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It was my twenty-fourth birthday. Yay! I am not really the type to make a big deal of such things, but this year I decided to go all out. I invited all my friends and family and had a mega party. The night started off slow, but by the time most of the guests had left, there were a dozen people passed out throughout the apartment. I had never really experienced such a thing—not that I had never attended a party, but throwing one was a first for me—so I was unsure how to deal. So I decided to go to bed and wait until the next day to worry about the party's aftermath. So with that, I strolled over to my room. Luckily, I was not drunk—I have not touched a drop of alcohol in years—or I would never have made it through the maze of bodies that cluttered the path from the living room to my bedroom.

Finally, I reached my room and closed the door behind me, happy for the first few moments of quiet in over six hours. I knew my roommates would undoubtedly be pissed at me—I had told them it would be a small celebration with a few friends and family—but I was too tired to even think of such things. I stripped and, fully naked, headed over to my bed.

"Ahhh..." I sighed as I slipped into bed, the sheets soft on my skin as my tired muscles finally relaxed. Closing my eyes, I knew it would be a matter of seconds before I passed out. Unfortunately, before I could, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," I called out after releasing an exasperated sigh. Moments later, the door swung open and my best friend walked in. For the purposes of this story, let's call her Candy—I do not want to use her real name by fear of her learning of the kinky fantasy that would soon follow.

"Are you asleep?" asked Candy.


She hesitated for a second, as if unsure if I was actually asleep of just saying that—please do not think less of her; she was quite drunk. Finally, she realized I was being sarcastic.

"Can I come in?" she asked after letting a few chuckles flow past her lips. I nodded and she slipped into my room, closing the room behind her. But instead of speaking, she just stood there, staring down at me.

"Can I help you?" I asked. She snapped back to reality and opened her mouth. But nothing came out; she had lost her train of thought.

"That makes me want to drink so much," I thought sarcastically as I waited for her memory to return. Finally, it did.

"Can I sleep with you?" she asked. I was taken aback by the unexpected request. I had often fantasized about going to bed with her, but I had never thought it would happen under those circumstances.

"Why?" was all I found to say.

"Everywhere else if full," she explained. I suddenly remembered there were a dozen people passed out throughout the apartment. I considered refusing, thinking it would be a little awkward—I had had a crush on her for years and I was not sure I would be able to resist her. But I soon realized it was not fair of me to punish her for the way I felt. Finally, I nodded.

"Great!" she said and started to strip. I just lay there, frozen in shock as I watched my best friend get naked before me. I had never understood why people found the need the get drunk, but for the first time in my life, I was glad for alcohol. If not for the massive amount she had ingested, there was no way she would treat me to a striptease. Luckily, she was drunk as hell and totally free of inhibitions. When the final piece of clothing hit the floor, I looked her up and down, drinking in the sight of her flawless figure. Candy was a breathtaking young woman and it was a veritable miracle I did not retreat into a fantasy then and there. But that might have been because I did not want to miss a single second of that perfect moment.

It was not until she slipped under the covers, forcing her hand to brush against one of my boobs that a fantasy took hold of me. Reality faded in an instant, only to be replaced by one of the most powerful fantasies of my life.

"You're so hot!" said the fantasy me as she turned to the naked woman lying beside her.

"Wha..." started Candy, but that is all she had time to say before I took advantage of the fact that her mouth was open. Diving in, I thrust my tongue into her mouth as I forced my lips against hers. She was still talking when I started exploring her oral cavity. Though Candy had not yet reciprocated my eager tongue strokes—something she might never even do—I decided to escalate things. With my tongue still dancing around in her mouth, I got atop her and started grinding my nude body against hers.

By then, she had stopped talking and was just lying there as I ravaged her young body. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she reacted. Against all odds, she did not reject me. Instead, she joined me in a frenzied tongue dance and her hands soon found their way to my ass.

"Mmmmm!" we moaned in unison as we passionately made out. But the kiss was soon cut short when she used the firm grip she had on my buttock to flip me over, inverting our positions.

"Whoa!" I gasped as I peered up at my friend. But that was all I had time to say before she slid down along her body until her head was level with my chest. Not even giving me a second to understand what she was doing, she wrapped her lips around my right nipple.

"FUCK!" I half-moaned, half-yelled as I felt a powerful wave of arousal wash over me. But the moan barely had time to leave my lips that she pulled away and shushed me, reminding me the apartment was still full of friends and relatives.

"Shit!" I whispered before placing a hand atop my mouth to keep myself from repeating my mistake. Meanwhile, Candy returned her focus to my boobs and started playing with them, soon forcing me to produce moan after moan. This continued for a few seconds before she decided to move on to better and tastier things.

"Wai..." I started, but that was as far as I got before I saw her vanish beneath the covers and felt her tongue on my pussy.

"Fu..." I started, but soon placed a hand on my mouth. I struggled to keep quiet as my friend started flicking her tongue back and forth across my labia. My heart started to beat faster as more waves of arousal washed over me. As satisfying as the feel of that tongue of hers on my lower lips was, I soon started craving more. Removing the hand from my mouth, I grabbed the covers and pulled them up and over my head.

"Finger-fuck me!" I begged in a sensual whisper.

"As you wish," she said, "You're the birthday girl after all."

I giggled for a second, but the chuckles soon turned into a moan when I felt one of her fingers slide into my soaking wet cunt.

"FUCK!" I yelled. Luckily, the sound was muffled by the covers I was forcing into my mouth to keep myself quiet. Satisfied by my reaction, she decided to add another, forcing yet another powerful moan past my lips. She started jerking her hand back and forth, forcing her two fingers in and out of me.

"OH GOD!" I yelled through the covers. This went on for a few seconds before I realized I wanted more. Spitting out the ball of covers I had been sucking on for the past few seconds, I begged her to add another. If not for the fact that she was drunk out of her mind, she would surely have questioned the request. Luckily, she did not and simply added a third finger. The finger-fucking that ensued was slightly slowed by the added finger, but the blissful feeling that filled me soon made up for it.

"Mmmmm!" I moaned through the covers as my arousal skyrocketed. Still, I soon realized I wanted even more.

"Add another!" I ordered.

"A... are you sure?" she asked. Apparently, she was drunk enough for three fingers, but not four.

"Just do it!"

"I can't." she admitted after a few seconds.

"I said do it!" I ordered in a threatening voice.

"No, I mean I literally can't do it; you're wet, but not enough."

"Oh!" I gasped understandingly. Luckily, the solution soon came to me. I slipped out of bed and hurried over to the commode which stood near my bed. After unlocking the third drawer I pulled it open to reveal a multitude of sex toys—I'm an erotica author, remember? That means I am a kinky girl! Okay, maybe not all erotica writers are, but I sure as hell am! Anyway, back to the fantasy. I grabbed a tube of lubricant and returned to my bed.

"Here!" I said as I handed Candy the lube. I knew she was shocked by my impressive collection of sex toys, but she did not say a word. Instead, she squirted quite a considerable amount of lube into her hand. Moments later, we were back under the covers and she was fumbling around in the dark to find my cunt. She soon found it and, less than a second later, I felt her slide all four of her fingers into me.

"FUCK!" I moaned, my cry only barely muffled by the covers. The cry barely had time to leave my lips that Candy started thrusting her hand in and out of me. If not for her thumb which bumped against my cunt with each penetration, she would have her entire fi...

Suddenly, I realized something; I still wanted more! Not taking a second to consider what I was about to do, I said two simple words.

"Fist me!"

I felt Candy's hand stop mid-thrust. Though I could not see her face through the darkness, I knew she had an expression of total shock plastered across her face. I had expected her to make sure I was certain, but instead, she just got to work. It took her a few seconds, but I soon felt her entire fist slide into me.

"FUUCCCKKKK!!" I shrieked blissfully. Luckily, I had had the presence of mind to grab a pillow and place it over my mouth, so the cry was mostly muffled.

Not a second after penetration, Candy started jerking her arm back and forth, forcing her entire hand—thumb and all—to slide in and out of me with increasing speed. I could feel my pussy stretched past all previous limits as she fervently fisted me. I had tried fisting myself a few times, but had actually never managed to achieve full penetration due to my lack of flexibility. But that did not matter now; I had a fist flying in and out of me and that was all that mattered. Well, that and the powerful orgasm that was building up within me. Moments later, I felt my entire body start to spasm as the first wave flowed up from the depths of my pussy.

"FUUCCCKKKK!!" I shrieked again as I started spraying wave after wave of hot orgasmilk onto my best friend's face. Luckily, she braved on and continued furiously fisting my pussy, forcing my orgasm to rage on and on. By the time the final wave flowed out of me, my entire lower body felt wet—and so did the sheets. Unfortunately, that was all I had time to notice before I got snapped back to reality—or should I say slapped?

My eyes flew open and I glanced around. I realized a few things. The first was that what had started as a fantasy had turned into a dream. I was not sure exactly when I had fallen asleep, but that did not stop my fantasy/dream from being one of the most vivid of my life. The second thing I noticed was that Candy had also fallen asleep, which led me to believe she had slapped me in her sleep and not on purpose. Still, my cheek still stung from where her palm had landed just moments before. I was partly angry at Candy for putting an end to my fantasy, but also thankful for the gift her fantasy self had given me.

"Best birthday present ever," I thought, but I soon realized that was a lie; a truly fantastic present would have been a real-life fisting. But a fantasy was better than nothing and no one can tell what the future holds. Maybe someday I will feel Candy's fist inside of me.

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