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Renewed membership with wrong e-mail


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So I recently wanted to renew my subscription on an older account, but when I filled out the page during the purchase through the third party vendor I used the e-mail address I use when making online purchases instead of the e-mail I had previously signed up with. So instead of renewing my old account, it basically made me a new member, meaning I cannot access all of my old friends, and my old avatars. I really don't want to start from scratch. I've contacted customer support 3 times already with no response, and it has been over 2 weeks since my first request, and 5 days since my latest request, so I'm not being impatient. I'm afraid if it doesn't get resolved, I'll be saying my goodbyes to this game....

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When you sub with a wrong email, it's possible to transfer the subscription onto the account with correct email. It has been done several times before.


That being said, strange that support hasn't answered in this long.

Have you contacted them from this link or from elsewhere (bottom of the page) ? Also make sure to provide all necessary details.

Contact Support Team



If that still doesnt get a response, you could try leaving a PM to either gizmo or Lisa, but contacting support should be enough.


I hope you issue is fixed soon :)

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