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S3T: Strip Tag Team Tournament - 03:00 GMT, August 16th

Sugar Bunny

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Are you ready for the erotic awesomeness of the all new 3DX full contact sexual team sport?


S3T : Strip Tag Team Tournament is back!


Come root (or play) for one of two teams - the Horny Devils or the Anacondas - as they battle it out in a fast and furious game of strip tag! First team naked loses, but that's when the real fun begins! ;)


WARNING: This event will be held in group chat, so if you'd like to be added to group when the event begins please post below and let me know!


Let the games begin!






P.S.  Looking for more weird and wonderful events? Check out my website at: http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny

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I'll be commentating the first few rounds ! I gotta say that the Horny Devils made a statement last game. I don't know if the Anacondas will be able to come back in the serie .What do you guys think ?


Your commentary (and your "chocolate") was my favorite part. I think you need to be an official member of this event.

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I'm happy to announce that S3T was a huge success! :D


Two amazing teams, captained by FutaBreeder and Sparklebottom, dueled it out in a match overseen by guest referee and all around awesome guy, FoxPrince!



Blue team: The best of the best of the best of the pretty good!



Red team: The team that, hands down, won the prize for wearing the most red things!



The battle raged on till at last Red Team emerged victorious, their Blue Team rivals stripped of all clothing!



But in the end everyone had fun!


Thank you to Caliber, Ceres, Eria, FoxPrince, FutaBreeder, Miryan, Sparklebottom, Sheryne, Surreal and Tomoko for participating! What an awesome time! :)


And special thanks to SpicyDiscoSauce who lay passed out by the fire and missed the whole event! Your prone body was an excellent obstacle which added to the challenge of the game! :P Hope to see you all at the next S3T event!

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