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Truncheons & Flagons - 16:00 GMT, August 5th

Sugar Bunny

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Forget Dungeons & Dragons!


Come play Truncheons & Flagons, a freestyle, funny and erotic roleplaying game where brave adventurers face off against Pennywinkle the Merciless (the second) and her horde of hentai themed monsters! Grab some eleven sided dice, pull up a chair, and match wits with the most off the wall game Mistress in 3dx!


Trolls (and other fantasy creatures) welcome!


Open to everyone with a love of erotic fantasy and a great sense of humor.                                         




Princess Sugar Bunny



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Hi everybody

I'm new here but I like so much Role Playing especially erotic fantaisie.

I would like to participate with great pleasures with you.


I have only to know when and how it goes


THANKS a lot in advance.





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Hi Laure. :)


The game is on August 5th at 16:00 GMT. Its a very lighthearted event with lots of jokes and silliness, but also a kinky erotic theme. All you need is an imagination and a sense of humor and I think you'll have a lot of fun! If you're looking for more details you can always check out my website at http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny, or you can message me here on the forums!


Thanks for your interest!

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Awesome game with awesome people!


Thank you so much to FutaBreeder, Gordian, Laina, Mikaila, Sallyann, Sarazeta and SilentRain for three and a half hours of unicorn slaying, goose fighting, nyan cat dancing, neko humping, gate crashing adventure!




Princess Sugar Bunny

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