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Nevah - This is my story...

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Hello 3Dx mates!


I would like to share some adventures of Nevah with you and I will splitt them into two relating but independent 'books'. One will tell about Nevahs origin, her progression and adventures, the other one will tell episodes from her nightly activities.


Book one

  1. Highway to hell
  2. The truth about me
  3. What you are
  4. WIP

Book two

  1. WIP

I wish every interested one of you a lot of fun reading my stories and everyone luck, love and joy in our wonderful lewd little world.

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Highway to hell





It’s a sad day, Nevah feels really bad due to the awkward situation with her girlfriend @Maelyn. A few hours before they have been talking about marriage, but Nevah, who isn’t any close to be monogamous said she could never agree to that, unless one of two things would happen. Either would she have to stop meeting others, or @Maelyn, her love would have to try to live like she does. If not, it would be like a constant betrayal. But Nevahs words hurt her girlfriend and cause her to flee in desperate anger, leaving a trail of tears.

It happens, that when Nevah goes to the Sin Club, trying to get her head free, a good friend is already there. It’s @Moonstone, the blond superhuman girl and self-proclaimed counselor. This day though, she could not help and Nevah left the place when another of Moons friends appeared. Before they split up, she told @Moonstone where she would go.

Nevah: >>I’ll visit Helrowu, @Moonstone. This time though, without the astral projection.<<

@Moonstone: >>Okay?<<

Nevah: >>Yeah… you could say “I’m on the highway to hell”. This way I will be able to face him in person and on the other hand have enough time to get my head free, while no one here will miss me.<<

@Moonstone: >>I know how time dilation works. If you think that would be the best…<<

Nevah: >>Enjoy your time my friend, before you can think of, I’ll be back.<<


The pink haired girl leaves the club and heads back home to gather some things. It will be a very hard and rough travel, but besides some personal important stuff she will not need any luggage. And that is just how she leaves, nothing but the coin she got from Lethan. Equipped like that, Nevah steps outside at her terrace on top of this skyscraper she lives in. She gets to the very edge, takes a deep breath and shuts her eyes. A moment later, her smooth and long pink hair is gone, replaced by shoulder long blond strains. Dressed in a blue top and a short red skirt she jumps onto the small wall in front of her, the red cape waving in behind her body. A spirited jump later she is gone, high above the sky, traveling with incredible speed. She looks like Kara Zor’El, also known as Supergirl, with full speed on her way to one of the nine wonders of the world, the Himalaya.


Nevah arrived her destination, a huge gate, scary and surrounded by nothing but ice. All over the door one could see skulls, gazing at whoever dares to come that far. Where she is going to, someone like Kara would not be welcome and therefore it is time to change again. Her body morphs, the perfect bright skin replaced by a deep blue, a set of dark wings on her back and two horns on her head proof of her membership to the family of upper class succubi, the one of her friend @Isiana, daughter of Lilith. She remembers what @Isiana did last time to enter and concentrates on the door. Her amber eyes glow as a scary noise shakes the mountain. The huge doors open and a first gust of the insane heat of hell comes upon the shapeshifting girl. The ice all over the place turns into burning hot steam and even the rocks seem to melt. Nevah extends her wings, takes a last deep breath and heads through the doors of hell.


An hour passed and Nevah is still inside of this gigantic cave like tunnel that leads into the wasteland of hell. She is visibly relieved when a glint of light shows up in the distance. Once she finally reached the end of the cave she stops for a moment, preparing for the long way she had to go. Last time, with @Isiana, it took about a week to arrive at this secluded lair of the Djinn. There is no point in trying to be any faster though, even if she could transform into someone with more speed, she may cause too much attention. And so she begins her long journey, day after day of flying above nothing but endless boring land.


It is about a week later, when somewhere in the distance a familiar place is to be seen. A waterfall of pure red blood, hiding the entrance to the prison of the Djinn. Like last time she dives through, just to shake in disgust again. She did not manage to remember how @Isiana got rid of this and has to go on like that. Fortunately it is not that far to her new trainer from now, just a few miles through this cave and she would finally face him.

Her long and fast steps bring her quickly to her goal, the blood well deep inside of the mountain.

Nevah: >>Helrowu, I’m here to continue my training!<<

The earth trembles, small pieces of rock drop from the celling and Helrowu, the Djinn appears. To Nevahs very appreciation not in his real appearance, but as the cute girl he has been the last times already. The little redhead looks with some cute eyes at the shapeshifter and laughs heartily.

Helrowu: >>Now, now… Look who is there! My apprentice! And not only her projected avatar, but the real one. How comes, Nevah? Did you miss me that much?<<

Neva sighs and shakes her head.

Nevah: >>Not at all, Helrowu. I just felt like having some alone time. And also… I thought we could spend a bit more time like that.<<

He laughs with the sweet voice of this girl, even like that it is just malicious.

Helrowu: >>Alright, apprentice. Let’s use the time wise then. After all, I won’t get free until your training is finished. Not that a few thousand years more or less would change much.<<

Nevah: >>Not for you, but I seriously don’t have that much time.<<

Helrowu: >>Much more then you may expect though…<<

He looks at her with those huge eyes and rubs his chin. A moment later he turns around and speaks.

Helrowu: >>What do you think you are, liar?<<

Nevah looks really annoyed and and crosses her arms.

Nevah: >>Didn’t I say it often enough? Stop calling me like that, Djinn!<<

Helrowu: >>Then tell me, street girl. What are you?<<

Nevah: >>I don’t really get what you are trying to say. I am a shapeshifter, what else?<<

He steps as close as his shackle allows and looks straight into her eyes. The little girls head shakes slowly.

Helrowu: >>This is what you do, not what you are.<<

Nevah seems confused and steps a little closer herself to kneel down and face the Djinn.

Nevah: >>If you know anything about it, why don’t you just tell me?<<

The Djinn girl bursts into a laugh, and points at the confused face of the blue succubus. It takes quite a while until he calms again. Nevah gets up and covers her face with a hand.

Helrowu: >>Awww… Did I hurt you? You have spent way too much time among humans.<<

Nevah: >>Sure I did, I’m one of them.<<

But the Djinn shakes his head and hovers into the distance. Some slow steps introduce his appearance when Nevah can see herself, slowly walking towards her real me. He raises his head to look into her eyes and smirks, slowly transforming into several superhuman beings before he is her again.

Helrowu: >>Who am I right now?<<

Nevah: >>You are me.<<

He transforms into one of Nevahs more impressive appearances and poses in mid air like a flying Supergirl when his voice can be heard again.

Helrowu: >>Who am I?<<

Nevah: >>Obvious, Supergirl.<<

But he just laughs, even more malicious then before.

Helrowu: >>No, I am not. I am a Djinn, pretending to be someone else. And you… you are something else, pretending to be a human who pretends to be someone else.<<

Nevah looks pretty confused now. She is something else? She pretends to be a human? This just threw up more questions then it would answer any of those she already had.

Nevah: >>What do you mean with I am something else?<<

Helrowu: >>It is not yet time to enlighten you. Let’s get back to your lessons, you will know soon enough. I’m pretty sure that it won’t even be necessary to tell you.<<


Some hours pass and Nevah listens to her trainer, ever so often asking questions, just to earn laughter before he would give an answer. But she is used to it, he always fools her, always laughs about her, mocking her whenever there is a chance. No other person would be able to help her though and this little humiliation deep in hell seems nothing compared to the possible reward. The good thing is, she completely forgot about the dispute with her love. It is, when the Djinn told her about all kinds of possibilities that he asked her to shoot some laser beams from her eyes.

Nevah: >>But this is just the reason why I am here, I don’t know how.<<

Helrowu: >>Silly girl, don’t you learn anything from my words? You already know how, don’t you do it all the time when you transform into this Supergirl?<<

Nevah: >>Yes I do and still I have no idea how to do it if I am not her.<<

Helrowu: >>It is not your body which is limited, it is your mind. Understand my words and nothing will be impossible. But maybe it is yet too soon. Think about what I have told you today and come back with an open mind to continue your lessons.<<

Nevah clenches her fists and nods slowly. It seems pointless to discuss with a Djinn, especially since this one just fades away with an evil laugh. Some last words can be heard and then he is gone.

Helrowu: >>Godspeed, confused girl. Until next time…<<


Nevah is on her way back, about two days from this weird place and still far from the entrance. Although she came to have some time for herself, she feels not too happy to have another three days to go before she would be back. When she thinks back about all what this Djinn said, all the bad jokes about her, all the laughter, she becomes a bit angry and her hate drives her beyond her limits. Without even noticing it she became way faster and soon she would see how fast actually. Only two hours later she is in front of this insane long tunnel again and shakes her head in confusion. “What the… Did I just miss something? How the… I guess I’ve been to long in this place, I could bet this wasn’t any close to a week this time.”

However, she heads back to the huge gate and out of the realm of hell. After all this time she has but one goal, home and back to her family.




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The truth about me





Nevah is on her way to the Sin club, a bit confused due to something she and her friend @Moonstone have done just before. In order to find out about the words of the Djinn from last time, ‘free your mind’, they thought some consciousness-expanding stuff might help. It was a very odd experience for Nevah. After some hallucinations she somehow transformed into a puddle of perfume.

However, now they are on their way back to the club. Moon seems not to have any troubles to start socializing at once, but Nevah can’t get this experience out of her mind and soon later she leaves again. How could she do like nothing would have happened when this mind-blowing experience is just a few moments afar. There is a clear goal for her now, the lair of the Djinn. This time, unlike last time, she just grabs the stone she got from her friend @Isiana to project her astral self down into hell.

Nevah: >>Helrowu, you mean excuse of a Djinn. Come to mock me…<<

A deep, wall shaking laugh of malevolence echoes through the cave when Helrowu, the Djinn appears in form of this cute red haired girl again.

Helrowu: >>Oh ho… The liar is back. Welcome, welcome… And I can smell a difference. May it be that someone got a piece of his puzzle?<<

Nevah: >>A piece… yes indeed. But still not enough to put everything together. Hey, seriously. Since you seem that aware of everything, why don’t you just tell me who, or what I am?

Tiny pieces of rock drop from the celling when this little girl bursts in a evil laughter. The whole cave is trembling and Nevah clenches her fists. When the Djinn calms again, wiping some tears from his face he simply says “no”.

Nevah: >>You’re a real bitch. You know that, don’t you?<<

Helrowu: >>No, no, no… Why would a cute mouth like yours use such dirty words?<<

Nevah: >>Alright… Maybe you’d like to use at least a bit of our time to tell me something of use?<<

The little girl laughs slightly and nods.

Helrowu: >>Fine, then look and listen. You call yourself shapeshifter, then show me how you ‘shift’ your shape. Do what I do, pretender, watch carefully…<<

The little girl seems to loose her cohesion, splitting up into all her octillions of atoms, slowly drifting apart. Nevah looks a bit baffled, wondering why this Djinn even thinks she could do that. Meanwhile there is a mass forming above the floor in front of the silly gazing girl. More and more it looks like a thundercloud when suddenly, mid in a cave deep in hell it starts to rain. Lightings tear huge gaps into the floor and Nevah jumps back to avoid to get struck.

Nevah: >>What the hell are you doing?<<

In a short moment all the rain and clouds morph back into this girl. With some slow steps she gets closer to Nevah and tilts her head.

Helrowu: >>You were supposed to do what I do, not to run away.<<

Nevah: >>Oh sure, very funny. Even IF I would be able to do that, shouldn’t you tell me how, rather then to just say I should do it?<<

The Djinn rolls his eyes. He walks back into the center and looks at Nevah. In the blink of an eyebrow he takes her appearance, just to talk with her own voice.

Helrowu: >>Your eyes can see, but yet you don’t understand. It is nothing else then what you have done before. But it seems your mind isn’t free of your self assigned borders yet. Still you believe that this body of yours is what you are. Still you don’t get what you should be. My words meet your ears, but still they never reach you. I don’t blame you for your lack of knowledge, I blame you for your ignorance. How can you expect me to respect you, when you refuse to accept a simple truth.<<

He points this tiny hand into her face and looks judging. Nevah is once more confused, she even feels a bit like wasting her time. Her friend @Moonstone, who may has less knowledge then this weird being, had already way more success in terms of helping her to understand herself then the Djinn. She already considers to leave…

Helrowu: >>You are not one of them.<<

Nevah skips a beat, all her ideas of leaving this place just shattered at this comment. Her eyes widen and stare at the Djinn.

Helrowu: >>I don’t know why you even think you would, but it may have a reason. It is not my task to find out, neither I am interested. Our deal is that I will teach you. But you don’t really make it easy. Stubborn you are, restricted in your mind, too limited to understand.<<


There is a whole while of silence after those words. Nevah seems to think about his words and lowers her head a little. At some point she takes a deep breath and looks straight into those huge eyes of the small girl.

Nevah: >>Liar, pretender, limited… You keep mocking me, you keep laughing at me. But isn’t it you who is locked up here in this place of shit? I know I am not perfect, I know there is a lot I have to learn. But you? You are arrogant enough to judge me, here, deep in hell where you are shackled for your crimes. Maybe I should leave… Maybe there is a better way to understand myself then to waste my time with you.<<

The shapeshifting girl digs her nails deep into her palms of anger and raises her voice. Time to throw some harsh words back at the Djinn she though, time to release some steam. The red haired girl seems to shrink when Nevahs voice thunders upon her and a dark shadow growing on the floor. But the little one just grins, even starts to laugh, more and more until the whole cave shakes again.

Helrowu: >>Good, good… Seems I’m not that bad as trainer as you thought. Look at yourself.<<

The Djinn transforms into a mirror and Nevah can see herself, literally steaming while her body seems to have three times the size as usual. For what reason ever, maybe due to her anger, Nevah grew up to enormous size while she seems hot enough to vaporize the sweat on her head.

Helrowu: >>I’d recommend to look around at you current location. I fear you may have caused a little mess there.<<

Nevah suddenly looks pale, wondering if she hurt someone. To her own and her neighbors good, she was on the couch on her terrace when she used the stone. And this is just where she appears when the projection ends. Huge and heavy, still smoking from her head while she looks a bit dazzled around, finding herself on top of a wrecked mess of leather, wood and cushioning. Even more then before she convinced she had to get this under control. She would be dangerous like that. Not only this drug, but also intense emotions could cause unforeseen results. She gets up, looks at the clouds above and takes a deep breath. It doesn’t really help though. She’s still way to huge to get through a door. She felt a little desperate, already wondering if she had to stay like that, when a light goes on in her mind. It was something Moon has said and also this ninja goddess they met once. Meditation…


The sun is a good way further down on the sky and Nevah sits cross legged on her terrace. There is no sound, no feeling, no emotion. Nevah is deep within herself, concentrating on her energies and trying to learn from herself. It is, when she was following the flow of Ki through her body that she felt something would be strange. She would not be able to explain it, but whatever it is feels like a lie. Would that be what the Djinn is talking about? Would this be the key to find out about her real self? But it should not be the moment to find out about when suddenly a phone rings, forcing her back out of her meditation. It is a friend, just calling to be polite and tell she had a wonderful night with ]. They talk for a while and later, when they are finished, Nevah gets up to look down at the city. It seems a good moment to see what @Moonstone is doing and so she heads down to Sins. Except the superhuman girl there seems no one she knows and even if Moon was willing to talk to her, Nevah could feel that she interrupted something and chose to leave again in order to try some more meditation.


It’s already late in the afternoon and the omnifarious girl, who is not even aware of it, stops her efforts for today. In few she would have a date with her girlfriend and she would hate to be late. Since it was exciting and nice yesterday, she heads back home to her bathroom. For the first time in her life she thought about how she would look and spends a moment to think if some make-up, or a lipstick would make her more appealing. She doesn’t use any of those though, finding the idea of painting her face somehow silly. She was just about to leave the bathroom when a even more stupid idea comes upon her mind. She stares into the mirror, concentrating on her lips, using all her imagination and to her own surprise, colors her lips in a nice deep red. She giggles slightly, wondering which words the Djinn would have if he would see what she just did. He’d most likely mock her again, but still it seems a first step into the right direction. She slips into a nice dress and heads down to lovers island to meet @Maelyn




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What you are





It is a rather usual day, Nevah and her friend @Moonstone met in the early afternoon and had some fun together. Some hours later they split up again and went their paths. Nevah used to have a slight dinner and took a look at some of the books Moon gave to her. But she could not stand to spend her whole evening like that and went down to Sins a bit later. Right inside she ran into Moon again who seemed to be just as bored. After a while of pondering they chose to hang out together and try to get behind Nevahs mysterious abilities.


It was already a few days ago, when Moon and Nevah tried that for the first time. A few strange things have happened already and those words from the Djinn kept Nevahs mind busy. ‘Free your mind.’

Moon had actually a funny idea how to do that. Shrooms… not just any, but freaky amazonian dank dank shrooms. And so they got some…

In gentle summer afternoon Nevah and her friend @Moonstone took place on Moons terrace and Nevah was about to have her very first mind-extending trip. A few moments after she swallowed this super yucky mossy stuff, the pink haired girl started into a super crazy adventure. Beginning with a weird hallucination about clouds made of mushrooms and getting roasted like one of them on a stick in Moons hand, something way more crazy then both of them ever thought should happen. In order to try to get her friend to focus took Moon a piece of cloth, coated in a nice perfume and dangled it over Nevahs nose. After picturing Moon as Miss Mushroom 2016, Nevah suddenly lost her cohesion and melt down into a puddle of this perfume before she evaporated to coat everything around in this smell. A moment later, when she suddenly was back and all clear again she looked puzzled around.


However, today they would not do something that weird. They just get to Nevahs place and look for some books, but none of them has an idea which damn book would give even the slightest of informations. After some silly ideas there was an even sillier one.

Nevah: >>Hey… what if we try it with Zatanas crazy hat trick?<<

@Moonstone: >>Okay? I’m not sure if you can copy magic though…<<

Nevah: >>Don’t ask me, but worth a try.<<

And so they did, Nevah morphed into Zatana and to try if there would be any point in conjuring books she started with something easy.

Nevah: >>Ynnub!<<

A swing with her wand, a grab into the hat and out came… a bunny. The omnifarious girl could not but to laugh.

Nevah: >>Too bad, they never show what they do with those bunnies after the trick. Dinner maybe? But I’ll seriously not kill that hopper.<<

@Moonstone: >>Me neither, but you should not keep it. The poop is a mess.<<

Nevah giggles slightly and puts the bunny down to have another test. Once they are convinced they get serious and Nevah asks for a book with helpful knowledge, backwards…

She grabs into the hat, feeling a book and was just about to cheer when the title says: ‘Conjuring spells for dummies.’ Nevah drop her jaw.

Nevah: >>The hell? Is this damn hat just about to mock me? What is wrong with this world?<<

After some moments of desperate laughs and some other ideas who did not work out, Nevah took a look inside. And it happens that there is really something of use to be found. It took her a moment to think about the text she read when she gives it another try.

Nevah: >>Hturt eht su wohs dna yaw eht su dael. Melborp ruo evlos ot koob eht su gnirb. Deen ew tahw dnif ot su pleh, cigam fo ratava ythgimla.<<

The two girls just gaze when suddenly an old pedestal appears next to them with a big ancient tome on top of it.

@Moonstone: >>Mystical~<<

When Nevah flips the first page she wonders slightly, as the text is written in a strange language she seems to understand. For her it is somehow like she would read it in English. However, after a whole lot of flipped pages and some more or less interesting lines like ‘there is only One Energy that is everywhere, everywhen and everything, and that this one energy is conscious of itself being everywhere, everywhen and everything’, she suddenly lost her speech. A page is open, showing a well known symbol in the very top left corner. It is something that reminds of a butterfly, something Nevah had in mind for her whole life, which is also on her ring and the cards she gives away. She hastes through the text, more then just motivated. There is a lot of stuff she did know, paired with dozens of words and things she never heard about. Fortunately she has her friend Moon aside who can explain the most of those things. Things like spatial manipulation and mimicry, self-particle manipulation, meta ability creation, concept physiology and lot of other weird stuff. A page ahead there are a few more interesting things, but still no explanation about what she may be, or how to do all those things, or how it could be that she doesn’t know anything.

Nevah: >>Interesting and stuff… Sure, but not really helpful yet. I mean, there is written I could like become a one man army, or just formless. But no word tells how, or why.<<

@Moonstone: >>Yeah… we might have to find other sources.<<

Nevah sighs slightly and reads a bit further in hope to find anything of interest, when the finger on the leather page suddenly stops. The word ‘papillio’ got her attention, no doubts this part would be related to this symbol and to her.

She seems very eager about it, burying her nose into those pages as her eyes pass line after line of text. After a while she looks up to Moon.

Nevah: >>It tells pretty much about some kind of lonely being who is the ultimate omnifarious existence. Not that this information would help even a bit.<<

@Moonstone: >>Sounds depressing…<<

Nevah: >>True.<<

@Moonstone: >>Phoenix force is way cooler, there is at least company. But look, this just means you have powers others would kill to get.<<

Nevah: >>So you think I could be this cosmic ‘butterfly’ thingy?<<

@Moonstone: >>Nothing too new, we already have been talking about quantum entity.<<

Nevah: >>I guess I’m just crazy. In a few minutes I’ll awake in my nice huggy dress and someone will call it time for my pills.<<

@Moonstone: >>Nope. I’m pretty sure I exist.<<

Nevah: >>Still, sounds way more convincing to me then me being a quantum whatsoever butterfly who thought, hey, why not forgetting about everything and become a human girl.<<

@Moonstone: >>Did happen before though, it is not half as fantastic as you may think.<<

In the end they both agree that there is not much more to do for today and Moon leaves to meet some friends.


About three hours later, the sun is already down, is the omnifarious girl still on this couch on her terrace and reads in this book. She tried to suck up every slightest bit of information she could get when she suddenly smacks those pages together. She puts the book aside and grabs for @Isianas stone. ‘Time to meet a certain Djinn.’

But a moment later she appears in Helrowus prison and calls for him. The usual trembling show with dropping rocks from the celling doesn’t really impress Nevah anymore. She walks to the very border of Helrowus range and waves a hello.

Nevah: >>Good evening. I’m tired of being mocked and I have serious questions today.<<

Helrowu: >>Oh? Confident. Something is different today, isn’t it?<<

The Djinn heads closer, almost touching her with huge curious eyes gazing at Nevah.

Helrowu: >>Ah… Yes. I can see it now. The lie is uncloaked, the truth revealed.<<

Nevah: >>You are clever, Djinn. You really manipulated me enough to get behind things without ever telling me anything. Today though I want straight answers.<<

An earth shaking laugh echoes through the cave, slowly fading into a soft giggle before it is completely gone.

Helrowu: >>Very confident, my student. Alright, I’ll grant you ‘one’ question, think wise about it.<<

Nevah ponders for a moment. One question, good enough to find out the most important thing…

Nevah: >>Easy enough. If you only grant me one straight answer I’ll have to find out the rest myself. So tell me, Helrowu, how would be the best way to do that? How can I learn about me, so much and quick as possible?<<

Helrowu: >>Good question, student. The key is already in you. I told you before, free your mind. One thing you did not understand so far is that you can shift your mind. The reason why you don’t know about yourself is nothing but yourself. But you are able to break those limits you have set up for yourself. There is only one thing you have to do, accept what you are.<<

Nevah: >>What about straight now? Neither it is something you didn’t tell me before, nor it helps in any way.<<

The Djinn sighs and rolls his eyes. The little girl reaches out with one hand towards Nevah.

Helrowu: >>Come closer.<<

Nevah hesitates for a second, but there would not be a point in harming her. She leans forward, allowing this strange being to touch her when her eyes suddenly widen. Nearly overwhelmed by all the pictures he puts into her mind she gets a bit weak in her knees and nearly stumbles. But just a moment later he takes the hand back and steps away.

Helrowu: >>As for me, I see our mutual training as finished now. Come back to me once you know it yourself. And bring the succubus princess with you to fulfill her part of the deal.<<

Nevah stares motionless towards the well while the Djinn disappears.


The omnifarious girl jumps up, back at her place, confused and still a bit overwhelmed due to what the Djinn did. Her head doesn’t hurt or something, she feels just flooded with informations she can barely arrange in her mind. A bit dazzled she walks to her bar to pour herself a drink when she feels like something would be different. She can’t really tell what It is, but when the smell of the booze meets her senses it is other then usual not completely unconscious. She shrugs it off and takes a sip, feeling the booze touching her lips, running into her mouth when thousands of signals bomb her mind. She spits out, coughing with a set of huge eyes. She has no idea what is going on in the first moment, but slowly it dawns her. Whatever Helrowu has done, it caused something inside of her to happen. She looks at her own hands, feeling the wet remains of her drink. Her head tilts a little, her mind is working and a moment later she can’t feel it anymore, another moment later it feels like freezing her and then again nothing. Nevah is completely amazed, finally getting what it means. Control.


It is already early in the morning and Nevah is still awake. More and more she can structure all the informations the Djinn forced into her mind in this single moment. Hard to tell if he was just to lazy to use words, or if there was any other reason to do it that way. But all the knowledge slowly integrates with her mind. There is one primal keyword, ‘Mindshifting’, the true meaning of self-control. The ability to have direct and total control over her mental structure, being able to manipulate at will her own emotions, sensations, perceptions, consciousness, memories, personality and everything connected to her brain and mind. This allows both, optimal efficiency and maximal comfort in all situations, while preserving her ability to feel sensations and emotions. It also grants complete immunity to mind-altering abilities. Whatever it may be good for in the future, it might be a good explanation for her situation. However, Nevah is not going to sleep this day. There is way too much she has to understand, way too much she she could she could do now…




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