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[11/28] Quiet Temple's roleplay contest

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Hello everyone !

Saturday 28 at 10pm i will host the Quiet Temple's roleplay contest.
Anyone can participate ​​!
How does it works ?​


Simple. You send me a MP on the forum with the name(s) of your partner(s).

The event will last 3 hours at most and there every particpant will be able to present a show with his/her/their partner(s). People watching will give you a note out of 10 at the end of your perfomance and i will write down your average note.


The only rules are :


- Time limit for each group (depending of the number of groups)

- Descriptive actions in local for everyone to see. In character roleplay is appreciated but not needed.

- No scat. (Sorry i can't stand it. Not judging, it's simply that i'm the host, and i need to be able to follow everything.)


The winners will recieve an official Quiet Temple gift and their names will be writted down here.

Please take note that there is no other specific limit. You can bring your husband, pet, slave, master, handcuffs...

Everything you please !


PS : The Temple does not open tonight, but i will be available on the forums to answer your questions !

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