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The Hidden Circle Gazette

The Hidden Circle

We all have our circle of friends. Our real life friends but also our virtual friends in places like 3DX. For many of us our online circle is hidden and separate from our real life for various reasons. The Hidden Circle Gazette is an online publication that aims to celebrate this hidden part of our lives by reporting on events and places in the virtual realm.

The Hidden Circle Gazette provides headline news as well as the latest gossip to tickle your funny bones. Music plays an important role in our lives and so the gazette dedicates a special blog to it, where some of the lesser known aspects of musical history get highlighted. If you are struggling as a new player in 3DX you may find the tutorial pages of great use.

What more drives our experiences in the virtual realm than the creations of our talented builders? It's a sad fact though that many impressive builds do not get the attention they deserve. One of the main missions of The Hidden Circle Gazette is to put the spotlight on these builds and the people behind them. We want to give you an opportunity to showcase your work on a dedicated webpage.

If you run a room, a club or a role playing venue then you know how hard it is to get people to know about your efforts. The Hidden Circle Gazette offers you an opportunity to present your venue and show people what is so special about it as well as advertise your opening hours.

If you have an idea for an article or a suggestion for places or events we should cover, please contact us or leave your feedback in our guestbook.


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Check out the latest edition of The Hidden Circle Gazette bringing you more exciting articles:

Ghoulish Transformations at Thelema, an investigation in strange goings-on
City by the Sea, an amazing room by builder Necro
Greenwood Retreats, another great room by Jemima and Marc
Birth of a Legend, part two of this historical revelation

In addition the gazette now has a discord server. If you want to keep informed about new articles and access some extra impromptu content, please join us.

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