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Some major things missing from 3dx chat and have been for years.

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The issue with this Ideas and suggestions part it's often ignored a lot and some things have been asked since 2014 and some longer that means 10 years of waiting. Some of these things also make the game look bad such as. 


1. Allowing females to have penis but not allowing men the same fortitude of having a pussy this cuts off Nonbinary, Transmen, Intersex men and so many more people who actually wanna join the game. This should have been updated when woman were allowed to have dicks. Cause more and more games allow males, females, and nonbinary avatars but this one. This is also why there's a huge amount of female avatars that are not actual females. I mean trans men or intersex men have to run a female avatar to get semi close to what they are. 

2. Men still can not pole dance this has been an issue for years! Yet even with all the begging they ignore that and put sex poses on it that now will force the female avatar stuck on the pole forcing you to have to refresh. 

3. Why can men not paint there finger nails or ware make up? Still after all the begging! 

4. why are the cloths separated instead of put together where everyone can ware them so that way people can express themselves with out having to be forced on a male avatar. 

5. Men's cloths and objects have been lacking for years!!! Why don't men get the cat feet or the hooves? Men get 1 item and girls well get 10 like what? have you ever heard of a femboy that are stuck on female avys cause you wont allow them to be the way they want to. Again every game offers it but this one. 

6. Why cant men and females change there skin texture like no offence but everyone's avy's still look cookie cut like not every guy has the same abs not every girl has the same body yet there's nothing we can do to change that. Just like guys cant even pick foreskin or not. 

7. Let the community make things for you as many have wanted to help and been ignored. The updates and creation process is so long that there is almost no updates. And main things are being ignored. I mean you have people getting x gold why not expand on that and make more and let people buy things that are created? Including when you guys take 10 percent of it after we pay the subscription fee. Just to have more money taken when we send it to others. At least let us get something more then Photos and name changes and marriages and sticker gifts. 

8. No group cuddles yet its all just sex no way for more then 3 people to dance on the same dance at the same time 

9. Poses for photos group and solos why group pose sexual in nature. Also why does MMM have a cuddle pose and FMM Don't

10. A way for block list to be exported and put in a new profile. This would be helpful instead of us dealing with people harassing us and stalking just cause we block there main avatar. A person should be able to block someone with out being harassed by their alt avatars

11. Better reporting system where the whole convo is looked at instead of temporarily banning someone for losing there cool over a stalker who wont leave them alone. This has happened to many friends and the person causing the issue won't lose time at all. 

12. Oh and your subs can't be turned off when you pay monthly for the first time cause I am still being charged for an account that doesn't even exist anymore. Cause when you go to deactivate it nothing happens no notification that it went through that would help and it shouldn't even be turned on auto repay that should be an option not forced. 

13. How about making it so you can set your profile to friends only instead of the public! 

14. Why is it cheaper to pay for a full new profile then to change your name. Why don't you put marriages at 20k and deforces at 10k cause those happen the most. It will stop people from messing around with people and not being serious about marrage in the game. 

I am sure all these points will remain ignored and this is why this game has more bots and alts look at almost every dance team they are mostly alt profiles that make up 50 people in a room. I remember when this game use to be fun honestly but with it ignoring half the population it could have its making it very hard to want to stay in a game where you pay for yearly profiles and get almost nothing you ask for in return. Also again if the dev creation team can not keep up then again open it to the public so people who wanna create things can make money for it and help instead of us waiting 10 more years for simple things. 



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