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A dream..... to relive the Great Musical Era of Disco Music Come true in 3dxChat. With the help of Friends I was able to fulfill a long-held dream. Also thanks to my father's influence who taught me everything about Music, especially Disco Music. This year my STUDIO 54 completes 5 years of existence and I just have to thank you all for your success and for your love for my club. FROM AN IDEA A WISH IS BORN. FROM A WISH STUDIO 54 ARRISES
Come have fun and listen to the best Disco Music  in 3dx  this Sunday, May 7th 8 djs, 8 hours of music and fun, come celebrate with us.

The late 70's was a time when rock music in general was boring, the US was in a recession and the Vietnam War was just over. Politically, economically and musically things weren't going so well for America. Such factors, combined with the beginning of mechanical music and synthesizers, led to the emergence of a new musical rhythm, disco music. Its main representative was the Studio 54 disco.
Located in Manhattan, the building in which the disco was opened by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, was once an important theater and studio for CBS. Later, under the direction of the two boys, that place would become the most sought after disco club in the world. With many friends and acquaintances, Steve Rubell had a natural talent for human relations, and as soon as he opened his new business thousands of people began to populate the entrance to the Studio.
Studio 54 is still a phenomenon in the history of New York nightlife, a kind of founding myth. There, from Andy Warhol to Paloma Picasso, passing through Truman Capote and even Donald Trump, they often bumped into each other on the dance floor, to the sound of “Last Dance”, by Donna Summer, “I Will Survive”, by Gloria Gaynor, among so many other disco hits, which gained worldwide amplification thanks to the sets at the iconic club.

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