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10 - 3DXchat Saint Patrick's day 2024

This room won first prize in 3DXC Saint Patrick's Day-themed build competition. It was the first room for which I explored green palettes in their entirety, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even though the work had to be completed in 12 days, which made for a particularly intense period of work. Like some of my other rooms, the boundaries of the room are blurred from the visitor's view, increasing immersion and giving the sensation of being in the middle of a vast, impenetrable forest. My interpretation of the theme is a little "fantasy", and I could almost have built elves too ! 😄

Event date : March. 17th  2024



2024-03-19 15-27-00_24311.png

2024-03-19 15-25-53_22313.png

2024-03-19 15-25-01_20755.png

2024-03-19 15-24-22_19576.png

2024-03-19 15-24-33_19927.png

2024-03-19 15-24-04_19057.png

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