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What makes a room interesting for you for erotic roleplay?


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Hello everybody

I like erotic roleplay and thats why I share my own room. I would like to know what a room must have to be interesting for you for erotic roleplay.

I'm looking forward to your answers and suggestions.

My current room is called Babygirls Fun Villa and I usually open it with my second account.

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I think just knowing what the room is about.  If you're unsure - the more descriptive the better.

COLDS only - not for me.

I see a prison - I can assume BDSM/CNC is the theme.

I think making it apparent what your theme is is important so I can know what your room is about.

Babygirls Fun Villa is a bit vague IMO, it suggests it could be a sexual place for folks to conquest young girls - or who knows, maybe some sort of young/hip hangout spot.

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