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Dice roll glitch


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This is minor and has been happening since i started in April

whenever I roll dice (/roll) two lines come up simultaneously i.e.

Saffi: /roll
Saffi rolls out 59 of 100

it is minor but would love to correct it

dice roll never works in World Chat  just shows Saffi: /roll

I did ask support months back but didnt hear back

any ideas anyone ?

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There's a 1 minute timer on the dice roller in WC (not other rooms, only WC) so you have to wait at least 1 minute from the last roll someone did. This had me convinced it was broken for me for ages, because the same thing was happening to me as to you. I would /roll and just get the /roll and nothing would happen. But it was just the fact someone had rolled one less than 1 minute before I tried. No-one bothered to tell me about this despite me complaining in WC and mention it appeared broken for me a few times, I just got lucky and heard someone mention it one day then understood what was going on. Wait more than a minute and you'll be fine if rolling in WC. When you see the first /roll then the second result, only you see the first /roll in chat, no-one else sees it so don't worry about it. I've tested it out with alts and watched the result in both chat windows. The person who rolls sees two, but no-one else does.

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