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Looking for European Role Players

Annie White

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I try another time this way to find people who like to roleplay on a long term.

First, this is who I am in the game (what you would read on my profile):

I am Dr. Annie and Ms White.
By day, Dr. Annie is a renowned cardiologist. She runs her department strictly.
At night, Miss White is an insatiable bitch. Her only goal is to push the limits of descence. She hangs out in the darkest places to meet the most perverted men. She recently met the Boss of the 'Nine Trey Gangsters' Gang and is working to be the gang girl.

As you can read, I already have met the Gang Boss. And we are recruiting for members.

I need them descriptive and willing to build a story. Don't worry, I am not meaning a big story that Scorcese would make a movie. But I don't want the kind of role player who enters the room and says: 'Hey Boss! I need to fuck the girl!'.

I also am open for a cuck. This cuck would play my sweet husband/bf role.

Well, now it is up to you to write me back or not.

If you see me in game, feel free to pm. My nick is AnnieWhite.


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Hi Annie ! Your text really made me laugh, and I thought this is exactly what I miss here : descriptive and funny people who like the idea of making a global kind of film,all together. Even if it s not Mean Streets or Casino... I like to play the godfella 😉. I m very new,here,only 3 days, and I think that only cold sex won t last to untertain me. Hope to see you soon,Annie ! And talk about cinéma...or us,making it !


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