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Rose's Roadhouse ~ By DemiTx🌹
you drive up the path finding this isolated home feel, this heavenly place of the summery heat beaming down, to the smell of the BBQ smoke, find a place to dance or get into trouble
Sunday (7/18/21) - 4 PM EDT

                  2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gifDJ Line UP      787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gif             
787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gifDJ MommaBear2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gif 
2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gifDJ DemiTx787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gif

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