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A Special Gr
and Opening8881-shooting-stars.gif.28ef505d9204cdd74aff50500d9f57fc.gif
usa.gif.858e5ac172e9aa25fba02b58f67d1a5c.gifMemorial Day845182754278866975.gif.c95842fe439c856577656bd73f0b9921.gif
Rose's Roadhouse ~ By DemiTx
Monday  (5/31/21) - 6 PM EDT
On The Day Of Honoring, Remembering, Appreciating, The Freedom The Fallen Has Given Us, Putting There Own Lives On The Line To Give Others The Chance To Express, To Shielding Strangers  Without Even A Thought, These Are The Heros Of Our Time

      8881-shooting-stars.gif.28ef505d9204cdd74aff50500d9f57fc.gif30 DAY CODE GIVEAWAY8881-shooting-stars.gif.28ef505d9204cdd74aff50500d9f57fc.gif

                  2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gif3 DJ Line UP      787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gif             
787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gifDJ MommaBear2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gif 
2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gifDJ Jammin'Jamie787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gif
     787741143064510516.gif.b32951b362290f12044acc4855b88867.gif DJ REP2490-goldfloating-stars.gif.a98d6c41e48180a37e6e621fe2d3ce72.gif      
  3dx Most Desire Dancers



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