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Save It For A Rainy Day - A short romantic story (my first ever attempt)


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(Firstly I know this is a Diary section, and I am not clever enough to add screen shots and what-knot, But I was inspired by what others have written. So if this can't belong here, please say so or move it for me, thank you admin :) - also I've never tried this before and I am not a writer so I can't say how bad it will be, I don't even know what I am writing yet, its is completely fictitious and directly from my own mind and imagination, nowhere else, I will just let it flow and see where it goes).


Save It For A Rainy Day


" Well I am sorry, it looks as though you are stuck here with me for a while" - Daryl says as stares out his living room window into the cold bleak rain of the late afternoon. " I am sorry, I must apologise, I didn't catch your name before beckoning you in to my home?", Daryl now transfixed on the rainy reflection of the most beautiful woman he has ever laid eyes on standing behind him.


" Julia ", she replies, with a slight shiver in her otherwise soft and elegant voice. At this point Daryl, a rather slim and tall dark haired man with broad shoulders, suddenly regains touch with reality " Oh my god I am so sorry! Umm, Julia, let me get you a towel or something!", and he scuttles away to find the ideal thing which knowing his luck, will not be where he needs it to be. After some frantic running around he pulls out a large towel and dashes back into the living room to hand it to Julia, stopping some distance away as he gets distracted for a brief moment by this young ladies outstanding appearance. Elegant stance, a face sculptured by angel and artisan combined, with unusual yet deeply alluring grey toned eyes and long lush red hair now dripping wet down her unimaginably fantastic figure.


"...Do I have to walk to you to get the towel, Daryl, or shall I make a wet trail across your living room floor?" She grins a little as she observes the perplexed look on his face, wondering if he picked up on her double entendre. The moment, which to Daryl felt almost spiritual and warm in nature now broken, he steps forwards with haste almost tripping over his own feet to hand the large towel to Julia. It is at the moment she removes the towel from his grasp that it dawns on him " Wait? How did you know my name? ". She grins again and turns away as she wraps herself in the towel, giving Daryl a very brief glimpse of one very nicely formed backside, " Your reputation precedes you Daryl, I know you like to lure women into your home way out here in the countryside to devour them with your lustful desires", she says so confidently as she drys her almost glowing wet hair in the remaining ends of the towel now wrapped tightly around the most tantalising body.


Daryl, feeling rather at a loss as to what to say clears his throat and searches his mind on how to respond, for he knows it is not true. He is alone because he lost his wife in an accident nearly 5 years ago. "...I... can assure you I....", still struggling for words and feeling very concerned about this so called reputation, he tries to generate a surge of manly courage to make a suitable reply " I don't know what to say, but I really am not that sort of man Julia, I haven't been with a woman..", Julia interrupts him as she turns and releases her hair from the towel to clasp it back over her shoulders " I know Daryl, I was just joking, I am sorry I didn't mean to offend you I promise ", She now looks more relaxed as she stares straight into Daryl's eyes at the moment a drop of water slowly journey's from her forehead, past her right eye and straight onto her very enticing lips.


Daryl, now feeling somewhat outwardly relieved and inwardly aroused by the vision of the goddess standing before him only a mere 2 feet away makes a slightly awkward chuckle and says " You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that, I thought you were being serious and ... well, you can imagine it couldn't be any further from the truth Julia ", he utters with a serious demeanor, with a powerful gaze of depth and mystery in his eyes that Julia cannot ignore. Daryl then smiles a little as he finds Julia so very captivating, he doesn't want her to go any time soon, " of course if I were to lure women to my humble home I would certainly offer them a drink first! ", now looking at Julia with an almost child like dimpled ear to ear smile that could charm the underwear off any woman, Julia uncontrollably smiles back with such a beautiful and rich smile with glistening teeth - " Tea please good Sir, milk and sugar and as hot as possible, I'm freezing! ".


 Daryl leaves the room with a skip in his step, knowing he has Julia here for just a little longer. As he makes his way to the kitchen he asks with a raised voice " Julia, I will light the fire in just a moment, just let me get the kettle going! ". Julia, now drying off, carefully seats herself on the large soft sofa facing the fireplace in expectation of Daryl lighting it as Julia, like most people, likes open fires not just because they are warm, but because they are also relaxing and romantic. Daryl, now feeling more himself, passes Julia sat watching as he tries to arrange the wood on the fire in a manly way, but feeling very much aware that it will be impossible to not look clumsy. He takes no time at all to get to lighting the fire far more swiftly than he would do if he was on his own.


 The little flames gradually develop into larger ones, just as the sun gives its last light before nightfall. Daryl gets up and draws the curtains, taking one last look out the window. " How's it looking out there? " asks Julia. " Oh...", Daryl hesitates to reply immediately as the rain has stopped, " Its umm...flooded ", feeling slightly guilty for avoiding the question. "Well then Daryl, I may have to wait until the water clears as I will never get my car through that ford at the end of the road, and going back is not an option either with your house being at the end of this rather long road ", she now leans towards the fire, embracing the heat of it as it crackles and pops. Daryl hears the kettle has boiled and excuses himself from the room to make the tea. Julia sneaks a glance at him from her peripheral vision as he strolls out confidently, master of his own home, this seems to turn her on a little to her surprise. But at that moment, an element of disappointment  falls upon her as she looks up at a photo on the mantle piece of Daryl and his late wife, Julia at this point not knowing anything more other than the fact he was once married and is not now.


Daryl returns with tea served in his best cups reserved for that special occasion he never thought would happen. As he faces Julia to hand the steaming hot tea to her, she looks up at him and takes a moment to glance into his deeply alluring eyes, blue like the surface of a deep ocean, and watches him as he sits down in the arm chair next to her. With the photo pressing on Julia's mind, she speaks before she thinks " Daryl, may I ask? ...", Daryl interjects having sensed what she might be thinking and wanting to know ".. yes, I was married once, for 8 good years, or so I thought, and now I am not for 5 not so good years truth be told...", Julia cuts in before Daryl can carry on his sentence, " Daryl... I'm sorry, I shouldn't be digging into your personal life, I barely know you! Please don't feel like you have to tell me", she almost goes to extend her hand to his leg but pulls back for fear she might have made Daryl feel obligated to open up when he seems such a private man, that so few really know anything about.


Daryl having observed her possible gesture of comfort and apparent apprehension, turns in his seat towards Julia and gives her the most stimulating look as though she could see right into his soul, as though they were starting to connect on a level never experienced ever before. Daryl continues in a deep and desirable voice "...please Julia, let me tell me you. I've not spoken about this to anyone before. I've just locked myself away here in this house alone. I know I see others in town from time to time, and I pass the time of day with them, but I ... ", Daryl pauses to let out a deep sigh that is meant to express his sadness, but to Julia it just makes her heart beat harder and stirs a tingling in her genital areas as the heat from fire seems to have suddenly increased.


"... I never let anyone in, not anymore. But you being here, right now, reminds me of how lonely it has been without the company of a woman. You see, most people believe I kicked her out without due cause and that in her upset, crashed her car... and killed herself. No doubt this is what you may have heard in all the rumours a small village such as mine can entertain all to easily ", Julia takes the brief pause as an opportunity to clear her conscience and consul " Daryl, I can't deny I heard rumours, but not like you might imagine, and I didn't know what or who to believe as I only moved here 3 weeks ago when I split with my partner, but what I do know is that there is always another side to every coin, another story to listen to. And Daryl... I'm here now, and I want to know the truth, don't close me off. I want to hear what really happened, and you need to tell me Daryl. ...please! ". Daryl, feels an intense flood of warm energising stimulation in his entire body as he watches the reflection of the fire in Julia's exotic and wonderfully unusual eyes.


As Daryl's breathing steadily gets a little heavier he presses on with his sad story " ...What really happened you ask? Would you believe me even if I told you?....wait, let me guess, your reply would be to trust you, and I do though I barely know you. So I will tell you, but you must promise to decide for yourself who to believe...", Julia makes a very slow and very seductive nod of agreement at Daryl as his arousing mouth starts to open to speak again, " ..I did kick her out, I told her to leave, I wanted her gone! But I never wanted her to die!.. ", Julia can see his eyes quiver as a gentle singular tear builds in his left eye, and trickles down his cheek and into the stubble of his manly jaw, " ..you see Julia, earlier that day I found her credit card statement completely by accident. And on it was a long list of hotel visits and fuel bills that she told me before was for work, but one list of transactions over the months really stood out to me that had nothing to do with her job - Ann Summers! ...When she came home that afternoon I looked in her bag while she was in the shower, and I found the underwear, along with condoms, some used and even some men's clothes mixed with hers. To cut a long story short, it wasn't finding out that killed me inside that day, it was the fact she had been lying for so long - making out that she loved only me, while seeking the carnal pleasures of other men, and fabricating stories to throw me off - abusing my trust!....I'm a man Julia, god damn it I lost the plot, threw her case at the wall, and came so close to striking her in that smug face of hers, but I didn't. I just made her pack up and go! .... ...It was only an hour later, my head in my hands as the pain of betrayal cut through my heart like a red hot knife that the knock at the door came, our local Police officer...and....well, I knew before he said it. And so for weeks after the officer kept calling, as did the local news paper and even the odd villager, trying to pry as to what I had done no doubt. What I had done! I spoke of nothing to anyone for nearly a year, avoided people I knew, I hated myself and the world around me! You should hate me too, Julia, I don't deserve your attention! And I certainly don't see how anyone will ever want to be near me, the man who clearly can't hold on to a woman's heart and keep her happy!...just drives her to death instead... ".


Daryl, almost trembling with the release of all the pain and anger he had held in for so long, gets up and stokes the fire with intention. Not looking back at Julia because he feels exposed and unsettled. Julia sits almost speechless at the sudden outpouring, but feels honoured at the same time to be the one, the only one he opens up to. Daryl sits back down and sips some tea, Julia feeling filled with compassion now realising the truth, and believing it, gives in to her hesitation and extends her arm to Daryl's thigh, and their eyes meet again, this time with new understanding and a shared feeling of affection and internal elated sensations.


    " And Julia I must ask...", Daryl now leans forward and closer to Julia, making her softly shudder, " You can't tell me you just randomly drove to the end of this road, not knowing my house sits at the end with no other way out than back the way you came, and happen to experience a break down just a short walk away from where I live? ...what really brought you here Julia? ", she now feels cornered, fearing that he might think she came to get information from him, but as he places his hand on her hand that is grasping his leg he finishes the sentence, " Not that for one minute do I regret inviting you in from the cold harsh rain ", he says calmly with both his mouth and eyes gently smiling and glowing in the fire light. 


Julia, feeling cornered and vulnerable but in the most exciting way, she edges in just a little closer to Daryl, the towel now slowly sliding from her shoulders inch by inch. With a daring smile she whispers "...and you didn't even think to ask why I hadn't asked to use your phone to call for rescue? ...Alright Daryl, I'll confess, if that's what you want. I've seen you walking around the village before, and I can't help it if you stand out like a sore thumb, those rugged looks yet with a less desirable standard of dress ", she giggles slightly like a school girl being kissed for the first time, " ...and when I heard about this so called lonely man hiding in his house and speaking to only a select few because of some past traumatic event I had to know it was you for sure. Not because I wanted to spy on you, but because I wanted to find this elusive and troubled man, the only decent looking guy in the whole village! How could I resist such temptation when I saw you walking by where I had parked to not jump out and open the bonnet of my car and make out I couldn't get it started, just to get a chance to speak to you! I got a great deal more than I expected, starting with the sudden down pour! ", Julia breaks her long explanation for fear she might be losing Daryl's attention because she deceived him a little. And in that moment of realising how she must appear to him, says " I am truly sorry to hear what happened, I really am. I thought divorced or maybe gay. I had no idea what you went through and how hard it must have been. ...But thank you for opening up and talking to me, Daryl, you are so wrong - people do not think you killed her, they just don't know what happened and are curious, maybe even wanting to help in some way. But now I know, and you can trust me, I won't mess you around and play on your emotions again, not in that sense anyway...", Julia gives a little wink to Daryl, who to her surprise seems rather calm and at ease after her confession.


The blazing fire creates a subdued lighting in the room, now rather hot, much like both Julia and Daryl sat locked into a shared moment of deep curiosity about each other. Julia's hand still holding on to Daryl's thigh, Daryl's hand still on her hand, their hearts beating as the raw emotion of the conversation dissipates and intense and immediate attraction grows yet more between them. Julia becomes aware that the leg she is grasping in her hand is also the same leg that Daryl's penis is aligned with. The fact it is so obvious causes Julia to squeeze her legs together tightly as a wave of intense desire floods into her mind and body. Daryl, slowly stroking Julia's hand with his thumb without even realising, can't help but notice the towel has slipped apart from over Julia's legs so that he can see up nearly as far as her panties because her skirt has ridden up from her moving toward him earlier. The two are undeniably in great anticipation for something to happen, for one of them to make the first move for what is sure to be a long night of intense passion that they both long for.


 Julia confidently looks at the fire, then back to Daryl, " I am going to help you Daryl, its time you learnt that the past is where mine is - far away from here ", and with that she stands and walks towards the mantle piece and turns the picture down on its face, as she walks away though, the towel is deliberately dropped, and Daryl is immediately drawn to her long legs, and the lining of her knickers that he can see through her skirt and this arouses him, unbearably so. Taken by the feelings of passion, aroused by the natural beauty and compassion of Julia, he makes the bold first move and comes to stand close behind her. Julia feels his long awaited presence and leans into him as he brings his arms around to her front. Julia places her left hand on his hands holding her belly while the other hand slowly moves up to Daryl's head, moving her hair away from her face on the way, urging him to put his head to hers. Without so much as a split second of hesitation Daryl  starts to kiss the side of her neck, passionately as soft gentle dabs on her tender skin, but carried away by the rush of hormones he starts to make small lunges at her neck, biting it with his lips. As his breathing intensifies it arouses Julia further as she hears and feels his breathing on her neck and next to her ear.


  As Daryl's kissing moves to her chin, and back to her ear which he finds irresistible and starts kissing around it, taking the bottom lobe into his lips and pulling gently before kissing around her neck again. Julia now feeling his heart beat through his chest on her back, wants Daryl to know she feels the same, and takes his left hand and places it firmly on her left breast, desperate for Daryl to get his big hand around it, knowing it will please him as her breasts are more than a handful. This move by Julia entices Daryl to press his hardness against her amazingly formed ass, and as he does this Julia pushes her ass back so that his hardness presses right between her cheeks. This feels like a dream to Daryl, having been so long without sex. He knows he needs to make the next move but doesn't want to seem desperate, but Julia is making all the right motions to drive Daryl absolutely crazy!


While he is kissing her neck and caressing her breast, Julia lets out a soft moan of uncontrolled pleasure and Daryl takes this as an invitation. His right hand moves down Julia's abdomen to just above her vagina, and even with her clothes on, she can feel the little finger of his huge hand nearly touching her clitoris. Daryl pushes his hand firmly to pull her even tighter against him as he makes small thrusting motions against Julia, arousing himself further on her gorgeous body. Julia, feeling like she has entered new plain of existence with pleasure, turns her head so that their lips can touch for the first time, and as she discovers how good Daryl is at kissing, she brings her right hand to his and moves it down slightly for him to pull her skirt up the rest of the way. As he does this, Julia, brings his fingers into contact with her now rather moist knickers and runs her hand back up his arm while Daryl gently yet firmly runs his fingers back and forth along her labia, and up to her clitoris where he moves his finger tips in a circular motion around it, then back along her wet vagina, sliding back and forth making Julia start to sigh and shudder in Daryl's arms.


The fire is raging, so are the hearts of Daryl and Julia. This will be one long night indeed for them both, but the best anyone could hope for. But we will save the continuation for another rainy day.


(....to be continued)


Realised, imagined and written by Andromeda

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