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Stability patch huh?


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Yesterday and lastnight before this "update to improve stability" I was able to log in and stay logged in for more than 3 minutes.. Today however it has been a constant battle, all day, to get in and load a room at all.. and now, I cant get on at all.. Also, while I really enjoy the useless hair and still no clothing, it seems to me like fixing the root problem of this game before adding more code on top of it might be the best course of action.. This "all active players will be compensated with game time and (nearly useless) gold, isn't cutting it anymore.. Lets have some real answers with some REAL results please, I mean there is nearly 4 thousand people playing this, at a cost, and you cant tell me that every time there is an issue its a DDoS attack.. If thats the case maybe you should look into a real security company to look into it.

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