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  1. Uh, ya, wtf 3dx.. take out the most popular option of the mostly crap thats in there for what reason?
  2. Just because YOU dont care, or YOU wont use it is your business.. Dont use it... Some of us like the idea and would love to use it, but since 3dx owner/operators seem to be overly greedy charging some stupid amount is a problem which they need to address. I think many people including myself would opt to use a feature if it were fairly priced. The amount they are charging for ONE month of a minor visual change, it should be a single payment for the life of the character..
  3. I'm sure I'm not the only one that is wondering "what the hell are the people at 3dx thinking?" ~$90 US to make my name "wave"? ~$15 to change the color? ~$15 to put a little symbol above? ~$8 just to make the lettering "bold"? I'm not gonna say desperate money grab attempt but damn.. A bit over the top for those of us that don't have piles of days laying around to accumulate that amount.
  4. Not sure why there is no "bug report" area for this on Discord like it says there is but there is a texture conflict with the new one piece bathing suit and the "Candy" and "wanna ride" style panties causing a blank of the skin texture where the panties would be while wearing the suit. Picture attached
  5. The "Hello!" action sticks you and you cannot move, change pose, anything short of reloading whatever room you are in.
  6. Once again, the devs in this game have completely shit the bed, rolled in it then blamed it on a DDoS attack...
  7. Yesterday and lastnight before this "update to improve stability" I was able to log in and stay logged in for more than 3 minutes.. Today however it has been a constant battle, all day, to get in and load a room at all.. and now, I cant get on at all.. Also, while I really enjoy the useless hair and still no clothing, it seems to me like fixing the root problem of this game before adding more code on top of it might be the best course of action.. This "all active players will be compensated with game time and (nearly useless) gold, isn't cutting it anymore.. Lets have some real answers with some REAL results please, I mean there is nearly 4 thousand people playing this, at a cost, and you cant tell me that every time there is an issue its a DDoS attack.. If thats the case maybe you should look into a real security company to look into it.
  8. https://3dxchat-status.com/ I find some of the imformation here usefull.. like if the server is on or not, but the uptime percentage is DRASTICALLY misleading.. there is NO WAY its at 92 percent in the last 24 hours
  9. Give it a minute, I'm sure the forum will be "down to technical issues" soon too so we all dont have a way to express our discontent with the game since they have Discord locked up like a safe...
  10. Well, I dont think what you have there is an opinion, so IMHO.. everything you said is TRUTH!!
  11. Then no Klondike bar for them!!!
  12. I'll give them 30 bucks and a klondike bar for it.. not worth more than that because all the problems need fixed, I mean you wouldn't pay full price for a wrecked car would you?
  13. I'm starting to question the dedication or even the skill of the developers in fixing the problem.. and still without any kind of useful update.. and sorry but the auto bot reply isn't what I'm talking about.. These people need to get off their asses and sit down and FIX THE PROBLEM and take 2 minutes from their busy bullshit schedule and update the people that are paying for .. there are several thousand people that play this game throughout different parts of the day and we all have to suffer these downtimes during our lives after spending the money we EARNED BY WORKING so they can do what? NOTHING? NO updates, NO fixes, NOTHING.. and worst of all, NO COMMUNICATION... I dont know about what this company stands for but at my job if something is broken, we get it fixed as soon as possible WITH COMMUNICATION to those involved. Ok rant over, continue
  14. I think he's trying to communicate? wtf thats 3 posts that dont make sense
  15. Exactly Kristine, and not so much that but how about a little communication.. Regardless if your paying 20 a month or got the year discount, its still hard earned money in their pockets.. All I want is some message once in a while saying something like "we are working toward a solution" or "we dont know but we are trying".. SOMETHING would be nice, and you cant tell me they dont have time to stop and drop a status update on the forums, this message took me less than a couple minutes.
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