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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone, My account was recently suspended for 48 hours due to spamming. However, I did not spam at all and was puzzled how a spam report on me could have been taken seriously. Well after some thought on it, I figured out why the report was taken seriously... Some troublemaker in World Chat saw that i was chatting. He/she then put everyone else in World Chat on ignore, which only left what I was saying showing up in the chat. Then after I had posted enough times to fill the person's chat window, the person reported me for spamming and the screenshot he/she included gave the false impression that I had been. I'm asking everyone to please ask the 3DXChat Developers to add timestamps to the chats so this sort of deception, and subsequent suspension of an innocent person, cannot be repeated by troublemakers in the future. Thank you.
  2. So devs, thanks for the patch but was it rushed ? what happened ? 1/ new UI pop-up is unattractive and doesnt correspond at all the game interface ! Why not change it whole ? but please not like this > The game's graphic quality deserves a way better looking GUI than this. 2/ top left corner doesnt make any sense ! needs transparency at least... AND it doesnt disappear with shift+z, which ruins all SS. > fixed at 257 > around 50% transparency added at 258 Plus : - As a friend pointed out, "delete friend" is between "send gift" and "invite home" so you better not make any mistakes -.-' > options need to be reorganized > fixed at 258 - An option for kiss cheek has appeared between f/f and m/m > doesnt work !!! and freezes people. > removed at 257 - Rocks are broken on beach, you can walk into them > fixed at 258 - when a cuddle happens, people coming into map after it happened see those people bugged Edit : Thanks Devs for the quick fixes, appreciated.
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