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Found 5 results

  1. OrgasmiX presents The Prism The first room on 3DX to be made using a new technique for building, enabling me to create something previously impossible. Live DJ's: ZaraUK, Lexzia, Lussian, DJGene, Niciro, Christofer, JohnRah, KIWI. A big special thanks goes to Ayon. Without her help this room would of been imposssible to make! Let's have some fun!
  2. Lexzia & ZaraUK's Wedding Party room designed by Lexzia Live DJ's: Lussian, Yanis, Torax, Specializt, BoZno, DjJuju. I am very happy to announce that Lexzia and myself are having our wedding Tuesday 14th February. We will have a small party after the wedding, but due to this being midweek people have things to do in real life, so we will hold a bigger party this coming Saturday. We invite everybody to come along and have some fun with us!
  3. Hello ladies and gentlemen, It is with great honor that I announce I'm sharing my room with everyone. The name of the room will be called Endless Dance Sex Club. I will be streaming music to the club but I encourage any electronic, dubstep, trance, and hip hop djs to contact me so that you too can share your musical talent. If enough djs do agree to play in the club, I may keep the club open longer so that you have more fun. Below are two posters. One is for the grand opening on 3dxchat 1.0 and another is on 3dxchat 2.0. Please feel free to check out the club website by clicking here. Please make sure to also check out the rules of the club located on the FAQ page here. Want to be invited to special events at the club in the future? Make sure to sign up for my VIP list which is located on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> Please put your name and "EDSC question" as your subject. I look forward to seeing you soon! *UPDATED* We have a 125 song mix for our grand opening on 1.0!!
  4. ~ The Sound Lounge ~ presents 20:00 - 21:20 --- DJ Senbo21:20 - 22:40 --- DJ JessicaX22:40 - 00:00 --- DJ CircerroNOTE: Schedule in GMT+1 ​ This Sunday come and wind down your weekend in style. The Sound Lounge is proud to host not 1 but 3 of 3DX's best DJs, providing you with 4 hours of the best electronic chill. The party will be hosted by Chloe and myself. Just look out for The Sound Lounge room. Do not miss it folks!! A big thank you to Sentra (aka Senbo) for creating the poster!!
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