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Found 3 results

  1. Update 04th February 2023 New tool to get the color code of a object, because of the bug that you wont see the color code of the selected object in the editor Update 24th Januar 2023 New tool added to the app, World mover. Upload a world file, set the coordinates by which the objects should be moved or select to move the objects near a point and let the tool move your things around in your world file. Update 13th December 2022 Updated the Terrain generator with new rocks Update 07th December 2022 Trees and rocks from Tropical Pack have been added to the tree randomizer tool. Update 14th November 2022 I am looking for people that would like to do a bit of beta/stress testing for a part of 3dxtools that I want to add, which is a radiostream service for 3DX Chat I dont want to make a radio service for each and everyone out there it is more focused on the userbase of 3DX Chat. Means no huge and expansive website or backend panel, no advertisement just your personal stream channel which you can add to your room and stream from your own devices. Therefor I would need some people to stresstest my idea. Preferable people with larger public rooms and many listeners. If you are interested please contact me via email: 3dxtools@gmail.com Update 6th November 2022 Small tool added to give some info about a world file for those who wanted to always know how many objects and groups are in a world file Can upload a file which will be analyzed and then deleted, the file does not stay on the server at any time. Update 28th October 2022 6 new Trees added, the 6 new conifer variants can now be used as well New grass will come soon as well Update 08th August 2022 New font for the Text Tool was added Times New Roman by @Diana Prince Update 24th June 2022 Added a Terrain Tool to the side. Its experimental Fixed a bug in the Tree randomizer the rocks now are selected properly Update 20th June 2022 Added a Text Tool to the side, now you can simply create text in different fonts. For a long time now I use my self developed software to create assets for the World Editor. Most of the time those little pieces of software helped me create things like a forest or some terrain, work that can take a while if you do it by hand Placing trees and such things can get frustrating if you copy paste them move around scale and rotate them to get a somewhat random look. So I came to the idea to share those tools with the community, should be easy to use as by now and I will go on and put more tools on the page over time. Hope someone may find it useful in their next project. If you find any bugs or maybe have a idea for a feature just leave a comment. https://3dxtools.net Happy building Some examples: 2000 trees placed in a ring inner radius 100 outer radius 150 Different tree and shape variant Rocks in a square Palm trees in a square with a random scaling with up to 2 times the size of the default tree and random rotation Rocks in a ring
  2. Hey, all! I wrote a tool which imports pixel art into the world editor. Download: PixelArt_Importer.exe How to use it: Download PixelArt_Importer.exe Save your art as "input.png" and place it in the same folder as the .exe file Run the .exe It will create an "output.world" file and show you the number of colors and objects used. Press Enter to finish. In the world editor go to File > Merge from file and select the "output.world" file. The art will be inserted around the (0,0,0) position, with the width of 1m. To manipulate it in the editor, make sure to change "Pivot" to "Center" How it works: The script opens a png file and splits it into separate colors. It then merges neighboring pixels of the same color into rectangles. That way it uses as little objects as possible, regardless of the image size (eg. if the image is just one 1000x1000px rectangle, it will generate only one cube). Then it saves them as cubes in the output.world file. I wrote it in Python, using PIL. I'm attaching the source code. Feel free to use and modify it. Source code: PixelArt Importer.py Program: PixelArt_Importer.exe
  3. It would be fab if we had more accuracy in putting objects together like snap too functions and alignment settings.
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