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Found 3 results

  1. PurePower Streams We are an award winning licensed stream service provider for Shoutcast. We offer many different DJ stream service packages for your DJ’s needs. Our Sales and Tech team known as the “Power Pack Team” is ready to assist you. They will get everything you need to start streaming your very own internet radio station for streaming on Utherverse, Second Life, 3DX, Facebook with a media player provided for your profile or website. So, come on in, join the team, or just come for the party, explore our site and see what we have to offer. Personal Streams Single DJ streams that are played on media players. Free player codes included for streaming on Second Life, RLC, Facebook, etc with up to 320 kbps bite rates and 200 listener limit. This is the most inexpensive way to start streaming the world wide web. You will also be able to track how many listeners you have. Auto DJ Perfect for clubs/stores or those would like streaming music on their own land. Streams are designed for multiple DJ’s to sign in to your “station” and it can also play music 24-7. Includes up to 10GB of FTP space for uploading music, an Auto Control Panel to access the Auto DJ Manger, links to the FTP uploader software, up to 320 kbps bite rates, 150 and 200 listener limit, free player code and stats page. Pricing PayPal Personal Stream 128 kbps/150 Listeners $6.00 Monthly or $30.00 per 6 months 128 kbps/200 Listeners $7.00 Monthly or $35.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/150 Listeners $8.00 Monthly or $40.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/200 Listeners $9.00 Monthly or $45.00 per 6 months Auto Dj 10g Music Storage 128 kbps/150 Listeners $8.00 Monthly or $40.00 per 6 months 128 kbps/200 Listeners $9.00 Monthly or $45.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/150 Listeners $10.00 Monthly or $50.00 per 6 months 192 kbps/200 Listeners $11.00 Monthly or $55.00 per 6 months Specials 192 kbps/150 Listener 7g music storage Auto Dj $6.00 Monthly or $30.00 per 6 months For Tech Support and Customer Service Skype https://join.skype.com/yFvK8mgaRf6P Discord https://discord.com/channels/706999902861000718/706999903619907636 *Tech support chats are not monitored in early morning hours. Please leave a message and somone will get to you as soon as possible. * You may also contact HollyKay in 3DX or at the following : Holly (CSR/Sales Rep) Skype: holly.kay.r3 Discord: HollyK#5092 Website For More Information https://purepowerstreams.net/
  2. Nikki

    Music Ingame

    So I just decided to click "Enable Radio" once again and I was surprised to find the music ingame changed a whole lot. No annoying ads, no weird music playing in locations like Fresco or Nightclub. Whoever did this choose an excellent selection of streams. Really enjoying the ingame music again
  3. Hello guys, as you all may have noticed, the music in all zones randomly stopped playing now I will be giving you all a status report on this. It turns out RadioTunes (SkyFM) are having some issues with their streaming servers currently, most likely a protocol error on their ports which are not letting anyone connect directly to the streams themselves. For the time being I have set temporary music stream replacements in each zone until this can be fixed. I reached out to RadioTunes and got a reply back. They are looking into the issue so all will hopefully be fixed soon and the music can go back to how it was in each specific zone and your private room radios will begin to work again. Kind Regards Ash
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