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Found 6 results

  1. Hi to all! An idea came up that it would be helpful to add buttons to display rooms in the friends list. It would help to quickly find rooms open by friends. Perhaps you need a pictogram of the room/doors and color differentiation. Or just put the letters A, F, G - for all, for the group, for friends I'm attaching a schematic of how I see it ))
  2. Hi! I'm Stronos, I've been a 3Dxchat member since almost 5 years now, during the pandemic lockdown I finally had the time to experiment with the worldbuilding and damn, I am having a lot of fun! Today I'd like to share with You my very first room I build with the little help from a dear friend. 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕 Hexagon is a Tron, Retrofuturistic themed room designed for multiple social purposes. From the main Club area, that also includes a Bar and a Dancing floor, You can easily reach the following dedicated sections : SPA + Sauna Strip Club and Arcade Videogames Area Bathrooms GloryHoles (for lewds) Private Sex Cells (to have some more intimacy with your partner) The room is designed based on the hexagon shape and modular design , giving it an overall original look. The private pods You can find arround the room grant a certain level of intimacy without completely taking away the "exibitionist/public" experience thanks to the blur glass effect. Each section is interconnected by corridor tubes to allow a easier exploration. I hope you will find my room interesting and I hope you will come to visit us! 〔ⒽⒺⓍⒶⒼⓄⓃ〕is usually open between 19 pm - 2 am CET PS: I am still working on the room playlist but so fare there are already some room themed tracks Feel Free to leave feedbacks
  3. Hi All, There are so many brilliant & experienced people on the forum that I'm sure this has been discussed many times before. I'm looking forward to your participation in this discussion. With the "Spam" ban that swept game recently and the perpetual room "monopoly", it seems like this thread would be helpful. The aim of this thread is to discuss solutions to room advertising. Problems: 1. repetitive advertising on the world chat 2. 300X coins paid to get to the top of the room list lastly very briefly before someone else bumps up. This can be very expensive to stay at the top of this list 3. a few rooms are open 24hrs/day and attracting alot of users keeping them at that top of this list. This makes it tough for other rooms to attract visitors. Solutions: 1. A separate "Room" chat similar to the World & Local chat features When a user selects to share the room "For All", another text box opens specifically for that room's advertisement. Users can enter their room advertisement in that box. There should also be check box to "Advertise" or "Do not advertise". Once the "Advertise" box is selected then the room ad will be included in an automatic feed of scrolling text for room ads in the separate "Room" chat. A "Room" chat menu will be added next to the World & Local chats. It will display the automatic feed of room ads A rule should be applied that as long as the room contains less than 30 people then it will be included to the "Room" chat feed. Rooms of greater than 30 people are already benefiting from being at the top of the "Locations" list. Therefore they do not need to be in the "Room" feed The aim is to give all rooms that are not already full, a fair method to advertise their room without "spamming" the world chat I know similar ideas have been shared about this in other threads. But feel free to discuss it more in depth here. Other ideas have been promoting your room in the Forum and other social media platforms. I believe those are good ideas as well. Hopefully we could find additional in-game solutions to assist. Thanks for your feedback Overfiend
  4. I have a huge passion for all types of music, and unscensored broadcasts. Duee to quarantine, I've decided to start an online radio station. I Pay royalties for the music I play and am licensed and registered. Just trying to grow the audience. If you want music for your 3DX rooms I ask that you give my stream a chance- 87.7 FM Midnight Radio - The future of FM is Wasted Part of the 1670 Wasted Radio Network. http://player.live365.com/a92728?l&autoplay=1 If interested , check out our website site - www.1670wastedradio.com
  5. I have a huge passion for all types of music, and unscensored broadcasts and due to quarantine I've decided to start an online radio station. I Pay royalties for the music I place and am licensed and registered. Just trying to grow the audience. If you want music for your 3DX rooms I ask that you give my stream a chance- http://player.live365.com/a92728?l&autoplay=1 If interested , check out my website site - www.1670wastedradio.com
  6. Dear Devs, Finally we got from Gizmo an answer about the stress on the servers. But now something else!!! With the last patch you changed the order of roomlists by number I think thats not fair for the less fortunate players who have less money to buy gold Because if a small room pushes the room they are on top but as soon as another pushes they are way back down again. So there is no chance they can grow in number unless they use a lot of gold to push the room. I understand this game is for you a way to get money in for you but you already get the monthly subscription fee Give a chance to the "smaller" players and turn the roomlist back to as it was. I spend a lot of gold but I really am thinking of quitting the game now because its just not fair, its only a way for you to generate more income and not caring for the players. I hope a lot of fellow players will support my point and you will see what the game means to us Regards PG
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