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Found 4 results

  1. Insatiable Clubs Presents Our Showcase Sunday The Alley STRIKES! Sunday The 27th @ 8pm EDT With 50's - 60's Rock n Roll Sock Hop Tunes By DJ's LinuX /*(Debut)* RedSquatch / Tene / Crashdown / Mommabear 3DX's Most Desired Dance Team FLAUNT Take Your Shot, Time It Perfectly, You May Just Spin out Of Control !
  2. On the 3rd of February in 1959 the music died. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a plane crash. We want to remember Buddy Holly whose music will never die! Rock'n'Roll from the man with the glasses! NicoleMoon (Feuermond) will play his songs and dream of being Peggy Sue.
  3. Hey everyone! The Roll the Dice game returns this Saturday with a re-designed room and new and improved rules! The players will be in group chat, so let me know in local if you want to join in! We found last time that 6 guys and 6 girls is really the optimal number. So be there early on to have a spot Here are the rules: Girls are in the middle, guys around them, on the couches. Guys roll the dice one after the other in a clockwise order. If you don't have a six sided die at hand, use random.org. Do not cheat! 1 or 6 - ACTION. A girl of your choosing takes off a piece of clothing or if she's already naked, you can pick a position for the two of you to do. If you already have a partner, you can change positions, or swap her for a naked girl in the middle. 2 - SUDDEN DEATH / SUPER SWAP. A girl of your choosing looses all her clothes! If everyone is naked, then every girl on the sides shifts one spot clockwise. 3 - SWAP. Pick two naked girls that switch with each other. One of them can be from the middle. 4 - LADIES' CHOICE. Pick a girl that chooses a number for you (except 4) and decides what you do with it. 5 - BAD LUCK. Pick a girl who puts a piece of clothing back on or if she was doing naughty stuff, stops and goes back to the center. There's no real win condition, the goal is to have fun and make new friends (with benefits) Shoutout to LaraMera who came up with the original game! If you want to play, the room will open on Saturday (December 2nd) at 9pm CET / 8pm UK / 3pm EST / noon PST. I'd love to see this game catch on, so feel free to host yourself if you like it.
  4. Remember the time of the Petty Coat - love to see for some time with the 50s. 21-23:30 CEST
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