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  1. Welcome to the Opal Star hosted by Captain AmyTrubblemaker and Commander Sinthea . All your futuristic needs brought here today! The Opal Star is a massive, fully realized, Interstellar Cruise Ship that roams the galaxy throwing party after party. The ship contains 4 internal venues which alternate depending on the theme of the week: Ballroom, The Mainframe, The Pool, and the Ängelhjärta Reactor Core. It also features a variety of amenities for lovers such as Massage room, medical examination room, a shuttle bay, public washroom, and aquarium with a dolphin, hot tubs, and deluxe privat
  2. Club located in a lost cave in a remote place where only blues and rock can be heard, and where only true rockers and seekers of good blues music, know its location. The name of the club "Red Baron" is in honor of the mythical Spanish rock band of the 80s, "Baron Rojo". In memory of the mythical German pilot of the First World War "Manfred von Richthofen Red Baron, changing and mutating over time, has been in 3dx for three years, now property shared with BDSMetal gang Open only the first Friday of each month and always at night, according to CET sche
  3. 🆆🅴 🅰🆁🅴 🅾🅿🅴🅽 🆃🅾🅽🅸🅶🅷🆃 𝟏𝟏 𝐏𝐌 (𝐂𝐄𝐒𝐓) Looking forward to see you! Join us - let´s party! 🅳🅹 🅲🅰🆂🅴 🅻🅸🆅🅴! Infos: https://thebunker3dx.wordpress.com
  5. Tonight (5 May) starting at 8pm CEST, @danididit and @Mulan will be hosting... WET ANGELS - Wednesday Rock We will also be accepting requests throughout the night. This will be a regular event with guest DJs, so be sure to check back!
  6. On the 11th anniversary of the death of the little man with the giant voice, the BDSMatal Gang is organizing a tribute evening in his honor, with music by ELF, RAINBOW, BLACK SABBATH and of course DIO. Experience the magic of his music from 4 decades. 16th May 2021 at 7:30 pm CEST / 5:30 pm UTC
  7. I say! Pussy Riot kicks off May and tears down the Union Flag with four hours of mayhem and Great British music – from bands your mum and dad loved right through to today's YouTube upstarts! DJs @Mulan, @janeukk, @danididit and @atlante make it fun, make it loud, and make us proud! Come on over and help us fly what's left of the Red, White and Mew!
  9. This Sunday... a chilled and bluesy, slow and schmoozy PUSSY QUIET at LAKE KEELY, with mewy mixes from @Mulan, @Eyleen and Dota. Drop by and enjoy the beautiful lakeside vibe...
  10. FALLEN ANGEL - 9pm CET – Live and open mic DJ's MommaBear, Rep, CrashDown, Gremlin, Jamin'Jamie, DemiTX & SpicySweetZ. Loadsa Music, Loadsa Fun, Loadsa ROCK Not to be missed!!!!! Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12059-united-independents-parties-saturday-050321/ https://3dxevents.neocities.org/ https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/forum/47-events-and-parties/
  11. Works Of the Hearts, Presents ılı✞»FALLEN Angel«✞ılı Spring Fling Bash! Prizes/Games/Giveaways TONIGHT (4/17/21) ~ 3PM EDT The Most Rockin, Deeply Metalized Devilish Tunes You Could Hope For By ılı♫DJ/Mommaʕ•ᴥ•ʔılı ılı♫DJ/REPılı ılı♫DJ/Gremlinılı ılı♫DJ/CrashDownılı ılı♫DJ/SpicySweetılı ılı♫DJ/DemiTxılı ılı♫DJ/Jammin'Jamieılı size.mp4
  12. ✿☠️✿ TNT Rock & Music Club - RELOADED ♫♪* Sat 24. April 2021, 19:30 CEST until dawn (12:30PM CDT) ROCKWITCH, BISH, SHAKAY (Premiere), MissJanetWeiss, DJ Maus & Bare Bunnies 19:30 Shane Darko 20:30 ROCKWITCH 22:00 BISH 23:30 SHAKAY (premiere) 24:00 MissJanetWeiss 02:00 DJ Maus Supported by the wonderful Bare Bunnies
  13. Through a cold dead world, a small glimmer shines in the distance. A note, singular and low pulls you closer, growing as you approach. The tone radiates warmth through you. Melting the stress and woes. New shiny faces greet you warmly, as you walk up the steps. Through the fog of a new experience you walk. Guided by the sonic resonance, fueled by your your desire to be free. This can be you, All you have to do. Is answer the call of the Runaways. Give me your shy, your lonely and your cynics. Music Therapy. We. Play. Everything. OPEN EVERY FRIDAY!
  14. Sunday Night's hottest nightclub wear black and white
  15. A & R Presents Wet Pussy Club 10PM CET Host & DJ AmeyThomson, & Guest Live DJ's Minimal Club Tech & More PLUS The Sinful Synergy Dance Team for fun with an added naughty twang FALLEN ANGEL - 8pm EST – Live and open mic DJ's MommaBear, Rep, CrashDown & Maus. Loadsa Music, Loadsa Fun, Loadsa ROCK Not to be missed!!!!! Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/12059-united-in
  16. This Sunday... a Rocking, Rolling, Rapping, Roaring PUSSY RIOT! with Meowy Mega Mixes from @Sylviex, @Mulan and @danididit Don't miss it!
  17. Are you lost in the shuffle? Constantly looking for that place you fit in? Do you feel alone in this big wide virtual world? Feel as if there is no soul left in 3DX? What if I told you, there was a place that would accept you, no matter what or who you are? If I told you there was a place you could meet real people, that don't follow the trends. A place that will play the music YOU want to hear. No dance teams, no strippers, no gimmicks, just good tunes, and good people. Don't believe it's real do you? I can see you staring in disbelief.
  18. Tuesday March 30 at 7 PM EDT authentic Mississippi Juke Joint
  19. "The Rise of Chaos" is the title of one of the albums of the German rock band Accept. The room is a recreation of this incredible cover. A world in decline, a blackened future, destruction, pandemics, the emergence of chaos, this is the theme of the room. Accept, U.D.O and other similar rock bands will play at this location on March 26, Friday. New opening! https://sites.google.com/view/eyleen3dxbuildings/the-rise-of-chaos Do not miss it, and join us, we are waiting for you! Music by Icebox & Eyleen
  20. Make sure to swing by Wet Angels this Thursday with @danididit and @Mulan to celebrate our love of Metallica with 4 hours of music from Kill Em All all the way through to Hardwired to Self Destruct, with a mix of studio and live recordings and even some stuff with a symphony orchestra!! Thursday 25 March... 7.30pm CET (2.30pm EDT)
  21. grand opening of a juke joint based on the movie The HoneyDripper begins 7 PM Eastern
  22. THE DOUBLE D TUESDAY - 8PM - 11PM CET HOST MrsDavinaP with DJ Davi & DJ Vina. with Amazing Flaunt Dance Team, LIVE DJ'S Tuesday night , MIX OF ROCK REMIXES & CLASSIC ROCK ALL FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, ALL WELCOME Chookaboo Beach - 9pm EST Host MausL7. 1960's night, DJ's Maus, Prdze & Kats, with the Amazing Flaunt Dance Team, Come join in, relax, have fun Want to see all our party's? https ://twitter.com/DavinaS_3dx https://3dxclubsevents.wordpress.com/category/events/, https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/calendar/19-events/2020/11/ https://3dxforum.com/ind
  23. 💞 Hello beautiful people, Friday 12/03 @ 21:30 CET there will be the inauguration of the TOGETHER ROCK PUB with lots of rock music and live DJs. A great opportunity to get together, listen to beautiful music and meet people. If you don't know what to do, come and inaugurate the TOGETHER ROCK PUB, you are all welcome💋. POVERED BY >
  24. This Sunday Pussy Riot gets down and dirty and back to basics: Yes, it's all about THE ROCK! Making an overdue DJ debut, @Emily will open with an hour of Prog and Tech purrfection before @Mulan and @danididit follow up with rock and metal playlists that will make your fur stand on end! Mewsic to put the WOW in MEOW! Don't miss it...
  25. You are all cordially invited to THE SOAP FACTORY ooo0000ooo The Grand Opening of THE SOAP FACTORY. Too Dirty for Soap - Be there or be clean!!! All Are Welcome. FRIDAY 21 SEPT 2018 AT 7.00 PM EST. MIDNIGHT - GMT (+5) with the ONE & ONLY DJ SHOVEL - WILD & FREE WITH A LIL BIT OF DEVIL! HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE and beyond !
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