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Found 8 results

  1. Join us Tuesday Dec 21 at 6 PM eastern for some of the best blues southern rock and roadhouse on 3DX set in a authentic style Mississippi Juke Joint, moonshine, red solo cups , chicken and ribs on the grille. Shack Up Inn next door for hanky panky. Merry Christmas from LLE
  2. join us Nov 2 starting at 6 PM Eastern for the best blues southern rock and roadhouse on 3DX Authentic Mississippi juke joint moonshine red solo cups
  3. join us for a evening of good music in a authentic styled Mississippi Juke Joint also tonight the newest addition to LLE will be open for preview,, Boogie Bottom, to open soon y'all come !
  4. Join us at 6 PM October 19 for the finest blues and roadhouse at a authentic Juke Joint.
  5. A.I.-3DX Presents Rose's Roadhouse ~ By DemiTx you drive up the path finding this isolated home feel, this heavenly place of the summery heat beaming down, to the smell of the BBQ smoke, find a place to dance or get into trouble Sunday (7/18/21) - 4 PM EDT DJ Line UP DJ MommaBear DJ DemiTx 3dx Most Desired Dancers FLAUNT roadhouse_18.mp4 roadhouse_555.mp4
  6. A.I.-3DX Presents A Special Grand Opening Memorial Day Rose's Roadhouse ~ By DemiTx Monday (5/31/21) - 6 PM EDT On The Day Of Honoring, Remembering, Appreciating, The Freedom The Fallen Has Given Us, Putting There Own Lives On The Line To Give Others The Chance To Express, To Shielding Strangers Without Even A Thought, These Are The Heros Of Our Time 30 DAY CODE GIVEAWAY 3 DJ Line UP DJ MommaBear DJ Jammin'Jamie DJ REP 3dx Most Desire Dancers FLAUNT
  7. Tuesday March 30 at 7 PM EDT authentic Mississippi Juke Joint
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