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Found 9 results

  1. 3DXChat is designed to run on Windows, but if you have a Mac you don't need to feel left out. There are many ways to run Windows applications in Mac computers. All forms to run Windows apps in Macs can be classified in three different groups: Dual Boot, Wine and Virtual Machine. DUAL BOOT -> BOOT CAMP Boot Camp is a utility that comes with your Mac and lets you switch between macOS and Windows. This solution create a separate partition on your computer to install Windows. This allows you to choose which system to start and they behave as two separate computers. Advantage
  2. Is anyone else having trouble installing the new 3DX release (392, 64-bit) on their macOS? I'm using the latest version of PlayOnMac (4.3.4) and Wine 4.11. I'm running macOS Mojave. I can install it fine, but when I try to open it up, it just gets stuck on the "wine64-preloader." I've done multiple clean wipes and reinstalls with no luck. It boggles my mind that the developers refuse to provide a functioning .dmg version of this for macOS.
  3. Dear Lisa & Gizmo! Despite I don't like my new nipples and other things other girls and boys already complained I have a strange behaviour of the lipstick when using the new patch 388 with PlayOnMac on an Apple iMac: I can't manage to have a normal or painted lip color because it either looks like patterned or overpainted in bright colors. When using the 388 patch via Parallels Desktop it's working normally. Do you have a clue what that could be? Thank you in advance PS: Oh, and it should be "via PlayOnMac"
  4. Loading wheel stops spinning and game crashes right after login. Please see error log attached. Running: OSX High Sierra 10.13.5, PlayonMac 4.2.12 - 32bit drive Can you help me solve the issue? Thanks in advance! Archive.zip
  5. I have a Mac and I am using the latest PlayOnMac version. After starting and logging in the game crashes and I get the notification from PlayOnMac that the game crashed. I tried reinstalling but it didn't help. I ran the error diagnosis (not sure what it's called in english) and it just put this message a lot: "err:dbghelp_stabs:stabs_parse Unknown stab type 0x0a" Can somebody please help me? I hope i didn't spend the money on a game I can't play....
  6. Hello Lately im experiencing more and more screen flickering and game freeze on my mac (using playonmac). I even downgraded the playonmac version, which partially fixed the issue, but still having those problems from time to time though. Anyone with some advice ? Nick
  7. Hi, I play using PlayOnMac (and Wine) and everything was ok until the last update (337). I was able to install it and connect... but once connected the graphics were awful, the image/colors kept flashing and when I tried to go to any room, I got freeze. I've tried to uninstall it, re-install the 227 version and update it again, same problem again and again. I send two messages to the "customer support" never got any answers. I haven't been able to connect for a month now, and my membership has expired... so don't want to pay again for it if it still not working. Can anyone help please ? Thanks
  8. Since a recent update I was able to set add new pictures to my gallery in game. A recent update to the game appears to have broken this functionality. Steps to reproduce: 1. My Profile 2. My Gallery 3. Clicking Upload Photo does nothing Expected: Clicking upload opens up the file explorer in the the Wine VM. Also there is an error opening the screenshots folder in the Photo menu. No logs for Upload Photo but the Screenshots button throws the following error: wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x0000005c at address 0x46da75cf (thread 006b), starting debugger... Wine cannot
  9. Hello guys, I am trying to run the 3DXChat on mac using "playonmac" as suggested on the website. I could install and run. I can see the first screen with the login blanks on the left side and the News on the right side, everything fine... then when the program opens the "Patcher"program, the Patcher screen opens like a black rectangle and nothing happens from there. What can I do? Thanks!!!
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