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Found 6 results

  1. Wich one agree to folllowing content that shoud be added in the future more interacting during sex and non sex scens. able to pick dick size and thicknes also pick ball size etc. diffrent types of moaning. able to add spit during oral sex / sex. able to add oil during oral sex / sex. wet sounds effects during oral/ sex. gag sounds during oral sex. spit threads and spit bubbles during oral sex. cock covered in spit (dripping). precum effects.. more oral sex posses. diffrent size of breast. able to change the age on the charater 18+ and up to like 60+ ( so you can see on ther body and face if they are younger or older ). body hair (male) chest, arms etc. make it possible to pick your hight on your charater. make more changes to the eyes, lips, jaw. bukakke orgasm animations and screams for us women. diffrent flirting expressions BBW make it possible to see the uper parts of the panties when wearing low cut pants or skirt. butplug get pregnant golden shower Stay safe My english is not the best ( not my first language) so be nice lol )
  2. Anyone more then me that think holding hands whit your partner, friend, husband/wife whod be nice? Both when standing, sitting and walking.
  3. Who things the 3DXChat game shoud be more like The Sims in the future ?
  4. Yes, i need it for more immersion, don't ask why.
  5. Like much in the game, the possibilities of using gold are very lacking. It would be worthwhile to expand the use ... but how and for what? Possibilities of using gold and other options Buy in hand something: - buy more type of booze (+ cocktail, whiskey, champagne, martini - different type of glasses - after drinking it all, get drunk walking and iddle) - Buy roses and gift boxes - Be able to buy or pass on what we bought to someone else Other usable options - Buy a mobile (permanent) in the caracter editor, it appears in our hand if use "phone" pose, the pose can only be used when buying a mobile (customization for mobiles ??) - Buy a "car" in the wold editor (for personal customization cars ??) - Hire a escort (open personal window -> click on "hire escort" -> type in the cost -> the escort can accept or refuse) (escort status and rate system??? 1-5 stars) - gold transfer without limits
  6. An option to be flaccid while walking around naked would be fantastic. A lot of people don't like walking in the buff because their cocks are always on Viagra that lasts longer than 4 hours. It's not exactly appealing to see entire rods poking out around the place either. We know this is already possible, because of the standing idle animation with the avatar's hands on the backs of their heads, so why not make the option when wandering around, too? I think this option should be available for both Avatar Genders.
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