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Found 5 results

  1. Hello~ Elysian Falls will be having it's Grand Opening on April 29th starting at 7pm (est)! We are currently looking for a few more Trance DJs who are able to play for 30mins to an hour (more if you would like). Anyone who is interested in greeting people as they come in or dance groups that are able to participate I would love to hear from you as well. Please feel free to leave a comment here, or send me a private message. A small glimpse into Elysian Falls: I love gaming and fantasy so I wanted to bring a bit of that into 3DX with my own isekai. There are two main areas on the map, the entrance will lead you to area 1 with a dance floor, pool, and bar area, home and various small areas to enjoy. The pink portal (first portal image below) will take you to area 2, a palace with a dance floor, pool and many private rooms for people to relax and enjoy themselves in. Each room is unique, so I hope you have the time to explore and find a place that suits you. With plenty of room to explore, Elysian falls has a total of 6 portals that will take you to different areas of the map. Some will take you to a secluded cave hidden away in the rocks and mountains, others may take you to a distant beach or forest. Weather you are playing solo or with a partner, I hope you enjoy exploring this map. The portals are color matched and go both ways so I hope you are easily able to travel around the map. ♥ Be sure to look up~♥ Many hours went into the small details of the builds on this map and some of the rooms have the best parts a bit hidden from view, the entrance of the palace area has a beautiful starry night sky mural. Below are some extra images of Elysian Falls(the rest you will have to come see in person ^_~) , I look forward to seeing you at the opening if you are able to make it~♥!
  2. So my 5th Anniversary on 3dx is coming up but want to do something special but not sure so I'm seeking an answer from the community!
  3. Hewo my fellow lewders. With E7 approaching I've been thinking a lot about how things have changed in the community. We've seen many great friends come and go. I've heard so many fantastic mixes and sets from DJs in the past 5 years and it got me thinking of how the Event Series drew people together. For those that don't know what the E-Series are, They were created by RobFrostwalker 3 years ago and were often shortened to be named "E" and then numbered after each one. These events were special, since they were very large and usually featured 20+ DJs. Sometimes The E-Series went for 2 days or more. They always drew a very large crowd and the DJs were all very talented. Even I got to host one of the Events known as E5 and it was also the largest one being held for 3 days! It has been 2 years since the last Event of the E-Series. But now I'm bringing it back and bigger than ever!! So I just have one big question for everyone... What does Music mean to you?
  4. Love, Want to learn more about my other workshops and events? Visit my website at http://sugarbunny7.wix.com/sugarbunny!
  5. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/ CLICK THE WATCH
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