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Found 9 results

  1. Grab your favorit drink & friends and do a big rave party with Hardstyle, Frenchcore and more !
  2. A Carnal Sun kiss by VaughanRarius. She’s bathed in sunlight Her Beauty quite astounding Magnificent there Straddled above me, She grinds… teases me while my Body impales hers. She fucks cowgirl style Slow, sensuous and sinful Beautiful in lust Behold the vision Audacious. Sublime and yet, My bold Dirty Girl. Her Breasts bounce in time With the hot steady rhythm. Her face a picture. With fly-a-way hair Her shoulders sexy and sleek, Her flat belly flickers In sync with her breath She moans as my cock delves deep In to her sweetness Tight on my hard shaft She moves harmoniously In her special dance The sun shines down on Her delightful nudity Sun-kissed and pretty Her skin glows golden. Up and down, up and… I Grrrrowl Overwhelmed in lust I grit my teeth and She smiles knowingly, teasing My need to control My hips thrust up and assist to enter deep. My hands grip her hips And my little minx Fucks deeper and harder now Testing my resolve My beast awakens No more, the passive fuck toy She is mine to claim With one strong movement And squeal, she finds her alpha Male is now on top! To her joy and want I claim my woman complete Thrusting in my lust Her sweet cunt now mine. Wet and tight, taken and MINE Both bathed in the sun The breeze caresses Our bodies - joined and rocking Panting and moaning Our eyes lock – light brown Doe eyes meet with the Dragons. Clashing and conquered Fucking, breathing hard Selfish and Greedy in need Wanting our climax Carnal and obscene Grunting and passionately Vocal, we are one, Then she screams and… I Roar… our names in unison Our Orgasms there In the shimmering And sweaty Heat of the sun We lie in the glow Basking and Happy Sun kissed, relaxed and knackered. Our moment of bliss. Published on Literotica. If you have time, a 5 star rating would be appreciated. A Carnal Sun kiss can be found here - https://www.literoti...carnal-sun-kiss
  3. chloe

    Girls with Masks

    After Girls and Towels ~ which wasn't that successful as I expected (I still try to figure out why) ~ I like to introduce another girls image thread: Girls with Masks I know this time this thread will become a huge success.... I know it !!! I got inspired to do this thread cause of Candice upcoming Party: MASQUERADE | 17th of Feb | 6pm CET
  4. --- Every Sunday --- ❀ BARE ELEGANCE GIRLS LOS ANGELES ❀ BEST GENTLEMENS CLUB IN TOWN All Nude Strip Club, Nude Pole Dance and ... SEX !! (still recruiting girls !!!) Meet my lovely girlfriend Kithany And do you want see me live on video, performing on stage? See the next one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18nIILMALK74IypzwnWTIEmH-7O0uOIs1/view
  5. Guest

    Popcorn and Man

    After Popcorn and Girls, NOW and NEW we proudly present you POPCORN AND MAN
  6. Impressions of my Birthday Party 25.09.2015, birthday was on 24th. ​ Use H​D for best Quality. http://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/13341/my-birthday-party-at-3dx-chat
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