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Found 4 results

  1. Depuis 5 semaines Maatt et Judine préparent ce Festiv'All Musics. Il aura lieu dans la room Moonstock les vendredi 9 samedi 10 et dimanche 11 avril 2021. Ci dessous vous trouverez le flyer avec les Dj prévus par journée et le planning des passages de Djs. NOUS ESPERONS VOUS VOIR NOMBREUX VENIR PARTAGER TOUS LES GENRES DE MUSIQUES PENDANT CET EVENT
  2. For those who do not know about or have met Dj Chilles, (Avatar name Achilles) He is the man responsible for the ability to do live broadcasts of music with Djs by developing the system for it. So, basically he is the first Dj of 3DX. He defined the standards of excellence back when he began. I hope you all will come out and hear this fine musician and DJ. It will be well worth your time. ALL are Welcome!
  3. Classic OLD SCHOOL Synthesized Music. Remember when back in the day we heard this amazing new sound? No, not the popping candy The Music that rocked our worlds with a brand new sound! Come dance, Reminice and have fun with SOS and company. DATE: Sunday September 16th. Time: 8 pm CET, 2 pmEST, 11 am PST
  4. The nightclub is basically almost always completed empty in the current state, some may ask why here some my thoughts about it. Think part reason it's empty because night club is outdated version of Fresco Club, where Fresco become the new cool place for social clubbers who care more about making friends, talking, dancing and listening to music than sex. Night club also have limited sexual interactions aside from back room couches, which i think make most people who go to a mixed sex and social scene or just sex entirely prefer going to user rooms. In preference to going to night club to hang
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