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Found 18 results

  1. Join us at the Wet Angels Christmas Party this Wednesday! With music from DJs @Mulan, @janeukk, TexasVixen and @danididit . Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST, and 11am PST.
  2. Join Atlante's Birthday Party at Wet Angels this Wednesday for some Rock! With music from DJs @danididit, LilyStar, @Eyleen and @Mulan. Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST, and 11am PST.
  3. Join Pussy Riot at The Bridge this Sunday for some Rock! With music from DJs @janeukk, @danididit and @Mulan. Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST, and 11am PST.
  4. Join Wet Angels this Wednesday for some Southern Rock! With music from DJs @Eyleen, Crissly, @danididit and @Mulan. Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST, and 11am PST.
  5. Join Wet Angels this Wednesday for Disco Night! With music from DJs @Animay, @HazyRays and @Mulan. Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST, and 11am PST.
  6. ~~~~ Come join Wet Angels this Wednesday as we Go Blues! We have some great music from @curiousret, @atlante, @danididit and @Mulan.. Opens 8pm CET, 2pm EST and 11am CET!
  7. Wet Angels hosts a rocking three hours, this Wednesday. Get on down with DJ's @Mulan and @danididit.
  8. Join us at Wet Angels Wednesday Rock for a good selection of hard rock this Wednesday evening. Hosted by @danididit. Join DJs @Mulan, @LillianLangte, and @danididit for a rockin' night at Wet Angels...
  9. Join us at The Bridge for a good selection of hard rock this Friday evening to celebrate @danididit birthday, hosted by @Animay. Join DJs @Animay, @HazyRays, Lilylycan and @Mulan for a rockin' night at The Bridge...
  10. Coming tomorrow, WET ANGELS Wednesday Rock is back for another great night of rock. Featuring... DJs @Mulan, @HazyRays, @clodilla and Dota Hosted by: @danididit OPENS... 8PM CEST
  11. Tonight (5 May) starting at 8pm CEST, @danididit and @Mulan will be hosting... WET ANGELS - Wednesday Rock We will also be accepting requests throughout the night. This will be a regular event with guest DJs, so be sure to check back!
  12. Make sure to swing by Wet Angels this Thursday with @danididit and @Mulan to celebrate our love of Metallica with 4 hours of music from Kill Em All all the way through to Hardwired to Self Destruct, with a mix of studio and live recordings and even some stuff with a symphony orchestra!! Thursday 25 March... 7.30pm CET (2.30pm EDT)
  13. Happy Birthday 'old' Friend
  14. This week a dear friend of ours get's one year older and gains more wrinkles on their sexy face, to commemorate this day Kyaleah and I will be hosting a birthday party for our dear and much loved friend Mulan. There will be some amazing DJ's, dancing and knowing some of our friends some hilarious banter. We both hope that we see you all there
  15. Last year on 26 March 2016, with my previous character SayaX, I created the Brain Tumour Awareness Party. I was amazed by the response and the kind support of the community. This year I would like to raise the issue again. CANCER is not always Pink. Here in the UK March is Brain Tumour Awareness month. Brain Tumours are cancer that is responsible for killing the most people under the age of 40, yet only 1% of cancer research spending in the UK goes towards researching brain tumours. Brain tumours are typically harder to spot even when you do go and see a doctor. They will usually start with constant headaches and double vision, which are hard to diagnose. Also, due to the position of a brain tumour, it is hard to treat. Operations are usually not an option, and neither is chemotherapy. Radiotherapy can often help slow a growth and in rare occasions leave the growth dormant or shrink it. This is important to me because a brain tumour has affected my life in a very real way. Back in early 2015, my late wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was devastating news which turned our whole world upside down. It is the main reason I have come to 3DX, to escape, to keep my mind active, not to overthink things. Sadly, last year my wife ended her fight with a brain tumour passing away. I would like to raise awareness of this horrible cancer, and I would like the 3DX community to be a part of that. I am arranging a second Brain Tumour Awareness Party on Saturday 4th March 2017 running from 5 pm to 11 pm GMT. There will be 6 DJs who are free to play any genre of music that they wish. It is up to the DJ if they want to take music requests. My good friend Xanar will be hosting as well as DJing. My good friends RedMelisande, MrsCandice, Epithany, and LauraTWK, will also be DJing. I have so many wonderful friends that I would have loved to have DJ, but I didn't want to go over 6 hours. If you love music, would like to have fun and support a good cause, then please join us for what will be a special night. The only request I make it that you wear a hat to show your support, however, this is optional, and your attendance is what is most important! I look forward to seeing you all there and if you have any questions just send me a message, and I will be happy to answer.
  16. UPDATE: I'll now start putting new tracks in the last thing you listened to topic. Makes more sense!
  17. Hey! Sitting comfortably? It is with great pleasure to announce a night of Steampunk and Dark Country music with the beautiful Epithany and Mulan. Epithany will be hosting. Full details below. Hope to see you there!
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