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Found 8 results

  1. When you load a clothing save in the closet, the saved character shows up. When you go to a room, the previous character set-up returns. It is like the saves are not sticking or loading correctly. I've tried changing items, loading rooms and bouncing back and forth to the closet in different sequences. It works maybe 1 out of 25 times.
  2. Loading wheel stops spinning and game crashes right after login. Please see error log attached. Running: OSX High Sierra 10.13.5, PlayonMac 4.2.12 - 32bit drive Can you help me solve the issue? Thanks in advance! Archive.zip
  3. So here's my problem. I noticed that the game was slowing down 1 hour ago. I checked my internet and everything was fine, but later I was so unable to login back. Thus, I cleaned/deleted the registry, went to 3dxchat to download the .exe again and...now I can't login, or at least the site loads 5 minutes just to let me access and if I click on download nothing happens. It's raining here, so I thought there was an issue with my connection, but instead every other site loads, my download speed is normal, my modem is fine, but I've problems only with 3dxchat and previously a little of slow-loading with the forum. Is someone experiencing my same issue, or am I so lucky to face such problem just during my spare time ? Anyway checking with this site sometimes it seems it's down for everyone.. http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/http://3dxchat.com/ Or not ? And I tried 3 different browsers getting the same result. PS: I repeat my internet is fine as I even tried to play a hd streaming video and it runs without problems. ----------- EDIT: I've managed to enter the site and clicking on Mirror the download starts normally, so there could be a problem with the direct link of 3dxchat, at least for me. I'll tag the thread as "Solved" later after having tested the game and if everything will work without problems. ---------- EDIT2: I've installed the game, but the update keeps loading without moving. And reading other replies it seems I'm not the only one. Hope someone of the team will reply here, or will fix this issue asap.
  4. I can't log into the game! Enter the user name and password. After that comes the endless loading!
  5. please i want to know why when iam opening any profile .... the profile pic of anyone i see it white with red blur question mark
  6. It appears many players are having trouble loading into their rooms. Some can't load at all, others load to an all white room while others appear to be unaffected. Please help!!!
  7. I have this issue now that when I try to load Home #2 in editor it will be stuck on the loading screen, however I can hear myself walking around as the screen still pretends the load. I noticed this issue happened after I edited it trying to make it into a penthouse club sort of thing. I don't know maybe I put too much items in the room now its bugged? Either way I can't even load the room to delete some items, but I have no problem joining someone elses #2 home. Oh forgot to mention, on my other characters I can load it fine, It's just my main character the one I tried to edit the room on doesn't load.. AT ALL. Solutions tried: ~ Wait an hour ~ Restarting program (many times) ~ Delete character and create a new one (same character name) ~ Uninstall Program ~ Restart Computer
  8. Ok this should be simple to explain the problem i'm getting. I can log in, once I do that im stuck in the endless loading screen, However I can still hear that i'm clicking things, in the top right corner when i click i hear me pressing something and if i click near the circle it will actually load me into the game but the tutorial, then i can move the camera learn to walk and so on, once I click the "character" to change the appearance I get stuck at the loading screen again. Once again I can spam click around the screen and here me hitting button in certain areas but nothing is happening. I've already tried restarting my computer, Uninstalling, Re-installing, cleaning out cache and so one. I have also played this "game" in the past as well hand had an account but that was from sexgamedevil.com about a year ago, this time i just went from the 3dxchat site direct. Not sure if that could have an effect on my account starting from one site and continuing from another. When i was in the tutorial I was able to see the 3 characters I created about a year ago to "add" them to the chat. So my old stuff is there and maybe that can also be a cause for the problem? I'm just listing as much info as I can to help. Anyone know of a fix or way to work around this issue?
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