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  1. The 4th Annual Enchanted Forest Christmas Party Sponsored by the Underground Club Tonight starting at 6 PM EST until Midnight. Live Music provided by our Amazing Dj's The Bare Bunnies will be there Dancing! COME CELEBRATE THE SEASON WITH US ~EVERYONE IS WELCOME!~ 1751316004_3DXChat2021-12-1720-51-42.mp4
  2. This Sunday, relax and chillout to the soothing, soulful soundscapes of @Mulan, @janeukkand @MuffinPie in the most beautiful space in 3DX. The sun is setting, the fireflies are glowing, and come evening we might even have a few fireworks... quiet ones, of course...
  3. Pussy Riot hosts a FUNKTASTIC three hours, this Sunday. Get on down with MC's @Mulan, Muffin Pie and @Animay and enjoy some Funky Felines! Quote
  4. Kicking off a little earlier than usual, Pussy Riot is back home and rocking with the silky skills of star DJs Dota,@Mulanand @danididit. Whoever you support, come celebrate rock and metal!
  5. I say! Pussy Riot kicks off May and tears down the Union Flag with four hours of mayhem and Great British music – from bands your mum and dad loved right through to today's YouTube upstarts! DJs @Mulan, @janeukk, @danididit and @atlante make it fun, make it loud, and make us proud! Come on over and help us fly what's left of the Red, White and Mew!
  6. BOOM BOOM, OUT GO THE LIGHTS! Blues through the night at WET ANGELS with @Animay, @Mulan and @danididit
  7. ✿✿ TNT Rock & Music Club - RELOADED ♫♪* Sat 24. April 2021, 19:30 CEST until dawn (12:30PM CDT) ROCKWITCH, BISH, SHAKAY (Premiere), MissJanetWeiss, DJ Maus & Bare Bunnies 19:30 Shane Darko 20:30 ROCKWITCH 22:00 BISH 23:30 SHAKAY (premiere) 24:00 MissJanetWeiss 02:00 DJ Maus Supported by the wonderful Bare Bunnies
  8. Its Time to Rock! This Friday starting at 12:00 NOON EDT Whiskey River opens its doors for an Amazing Rock Festival!!! Featuring: DocQ, Gith, JYD, Curiousret, DjFoxxxy, and Trey
  9. This Sunday Pussy Riot gets down and dirty and back to basics: Yes, it's all about THE ROCK! Making an overdue DJ debut, @Emily will open with an hour of Prog and Tech purrfection before @Mulan and @danididit follow up with rock and metal playlists that will make your fur stand on end! Mewsic to put the WOW in MEOW! Don't miss it...
  10. Come on in to the Newly Reopened Underground Club! Same great music by our Dj's and Same great people that make it fun. The Club has now been honored with the Regular players in the Venom Band, A new stage and set up for them and the dancers that join them along with a remodel of other areas has now been added. We are excited to bring you the Music that is Life, and hope you will join us weekly for the fun. We open at 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, and close at 11:00 PM EST.
  11. A Very special 2 Day Event is coming to you this Saturday, March 14th and Sunday March 15, as a 2nd Annual Event aboard the Intergalactic Starrship Sinsual, our Dj StarrFyre's own Interplanetary Starship! We invite & Welcome Everyone to come and hear our amazing set of 16 Dj's from many different countries who are participating in this special Event. DJ StarrFyre will be in attendance and will close out the event on Sunday evening. We begin each day at 4:00 PM EDT and end at 12:00 PM Midnight both days. Starship Sinsual's DJ's Come in and have an "Out of this World Experience!"
  12. For those who do not know about or have met Dj Chilles, (Avatar name Achilles) He is the man responsible for the ability to do live broadcasts of music with Djs by developing the system for it. So, basically he is the first Dj of 3DX. He defined the standards of excellence back when he began. I hope you all will come out and hear this fine musician and DJ. It will be well worth your time. ALL are Welcome!
  13. Sunday evening on a tropical island. Cold beer hot girls! A lot of fun in the hot reggae rhythms. Take friends and go dance with us!
  14. The Polish Section 3DXChat invites you to a Blues Night in the Jazz -Swing-Blues Club Are you tired of a loud discotheque? Are you looking for a place to spend the evening listening to romantic music? Let's move in time! Let's move to another dimension! Together! With pride and joy, we would love to have you join us. If you love jazz, swing or blues, you will love this place! Let's meet tonight! We start at 8pm CET
  15. One Night only.. Special event.... in the Underground this Saturday evening from 6:00 pm EST to 11:00 pm EST. The place to be on Saturday night! Come join in the fun:)
  16. Come help us celebrate the opening of The Green Love IslandWith awesome music by some amazing DJs. Make some new friends Good times with old friends. Good music and fun! Start 7PM CEST (CET) Hope to see y’all there!!
  17. THE CROWN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5QntFL05i8 ~ GRAND OPENING ~ Join us tonight 2nd October 10 pm CEST The room will be available than as a free download here: More screenshots here: http://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/7571-the-crown-grand-opening-and-free-givaway-party-tonight/
  18. Classic OLD SCHOOL Synthesized Music. Remember when back in the day we heard this amazing new sound? No, not the popping candy The Music that rocked our worlds with a brand new sound! Come dance, Reminice and have fun with SOS and company. DATE: Sunday September 16th. Time: 8 pm CET, 2 pmEST, 11 am PST
  19. End of Summer Party on 2018-08-31/20h(CEST) @ Parad'island You all are invited to celebrate with us on 31th of August the Awesome Summer what we had this year. Music will be provided by: MissyB (Tech-/Future-/Deep-House & Trance) tba Room will open at 20h CEST, its a small Tropical Island with a bar and nice Beach area - so be sure to bring your swimwear with/on you Hope to see you all there, so long have fun & Njoy the rest of the Summer!
  20. summer is the best time of year for me as i can see the blue sky the blue sea feel the sun on my skin make me feel warm n welcome to this life . I present you Summer Memories Live again your best summer memories in my new room with summer Aroma and the best music so it guide you back to your best memories n feelings LIVE Love LIFE Some of the best djs will be there to make sure you have fun n make this journey as well the Lovely fantastic Bare bunnies will be there dancing
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