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Found 4 results

  1. First off, Happy New Year to everyone. I'm really enjoying this game. But according to your site, its virtual reality part only supports the Oculus Rift. That's why I'm requesting that the developers add SteamVR support for 3DXChat. Having support for the Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and Vive headsets would allow a lot more people to enjoy the VR aspect. Thanks.
  2. ITALIAN VERSION Suggerisco l'aggiunta di due nuovi partner per la modalità singolo, oltre Betty e Bob. Benché sia usata relativamente poco rispetto alla modalità online, ritengo che la modalità singolo sia una cosa carina da completare. Non è ancora possibile fare i FFM o i MMF in singolo perché il terzo membro (computer) risulta invisibile. Se si risolvesse questo bug/si aggiungessero 2 nuovi personaggi in solo......sarebbe davvero molto apprezzato dagli utenti a mio parere. Me per primo Cosa ne pensate? ENGLISH VERSION I suggest to add two new characters for solo mode. Betty and Bob are not enought to do a FFM or MMF in solo, because of a bug. When you select two times Betty, the copy does not appear. The same thing happens with two Bobs. That's why i suggest to solve this bug, or at least add two new assistants (computer) for solo mode. That cangreatly improve game, and complete it. Online mode is a great one.....make perfect also the solo mode please Let me know what you think about that
  3. Dear community, the idea of starting this topic was in my mind for several weeks and it seems that it's time to start it right now, because ... well much complaining on the forum. So, I want to hear your honest opinion about the game. What is good, what's bad and how could it be improved. I want neutral postings and not this pompous comments. This topic should help the development to see what's needed. I'm not talking about new suggestions of things we need. That's what this (http://3dxchat.idea.informer.com/) topic is for. I know criticism isn't tolerated that much, but I give it another try. And please, please don't argue with each others about posts. This ruins the fun of this forum and is counterproductive. One last thing: I want to hear in every post what's good and what's bad. It should be balanced because this game isn't that bad as many people say. And so isn't the forum. (IMAO)
  4. WARNING! THIS POST ONLY SHOWS MY OPINION! IT'S NOT MEANT TO TELL READERS WHAT TO DO OR NOT! WHO AM I TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO?! A few weeks ago user-rooms got added by the development. Rooms, which can be decorated by players as they want. The idea might have been a good one for giving players the options for roleplays in a local like area. Sounds exciting but the consequence is that local places got more and more empty. Sure, there are still players at local places, but it became less since players can open their rooms just for friends. Actually this splits the community into several smaller or larger groups who are in their apartments. For those players who are playing here for a longer while and have plenty of friends it’s not a problem, but did anyone think about new players who want to try out the game? Just imagine you enter the game for the first time and everything you can see are local places where not many people are around. Then you see the open apartments, also mostly empty. What will you think? Easy to answer: “This game is really empty and the community is small” But you can’t see that there are a lot more people in their apartments, because you can’t see them. I totally understand when people want to be for their own and have some privacy with friends or a bunch of people they invited. This is human. But I think all of us have some responsibility for this game, since it’s still in progress. Or our development has this responsibility at least and should do anything to keep this game growing. Now how to handle with this problem of user rooms? Removing them will make people angry and some might leave. Also which development ever removed new features? They get changed until all problems are fixed, what we all could see during the last weeks. Every update was for the user-rooms. In my own opinion development should focus on other things right now. More stuff in public locations, which make those places more interesting again. Maybe some new furniture or special features which only work in public places. And those should stay at these places. If we get able to put everything in our apartments, why do we have public places? We could do it like in Achat and have a dating portal and invite people to our apartment. Great idea! Please development don’t reduce the public places to empty rooms, because everyone is somewhere in private. Make them more interesting to people will use them. Work more on those places to improve what we already have and what’s been good in the past. Or bring this game back to Achat standard which will make many people cancel their subscription. [i included for sure]
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