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Found 4 results

  1. Hi to all! An idea came up that it would be helpful to add buttons to display rooms in the friends list. It would help to quickly find rooms open by friends. Perhaps you need a pictogram of the room/doors and color differentiation. Or just put the letters A, F, G - for all, for the group, for friends I'm attaching a schematic of how I see it ))
  2. Here's a useful suggestion that should be dead easy to implement. In Second Life, the profiles include a UI tab called "Notes", where one can type in comments regarding each individual we encounter. These notes are visible only to the user, and are really handy for tracking where we met, mutual friends, birthdays, ingame info, etc. I've seen peeps on my friends' list here whom I haven't spoken with in months, and often struggle to recall their 'story'. A Notes tab would be so useful. And as the code already exists for us to edit our profile info, adding a UI tab set to private seems easy-peas to me, from my somewhat limited experience with javascript, C+ etc. Anyone concur?
  3. Does anyone know if there is any glitch or bug that would remove random contacts from my Friend-List..? Until recently I was in SwingSet, which is run by JamieSweet, but due to Real-Life issues, she handed over control of her account to DianaPrince & IamTrouble as proxies in her absence. Then shortly after, I lost JamieSweet from my Friends-List. Both deny kicking me from JamieSweet's Friends-List, so I want to know, is there any glitch or bug that would remove me, or is one of them lying about kicking me..?
  4. Hello all together , some players can read here my friends list , probably a additional program. Who knows, how can i protect myself against this? Thanks for helping
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