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  1. STARWARS FRIDAY A.I.-3DX Presents Newly Formatted Starwars Events Starting This Month ! WE Take A Look Into The Star Beaming, Blaster Firing, Shot Missing, Saber Colliding Power Of The Dark & Light Side Of The Force This Friday & Every Other Week We Will Be Doing Starwars In Our 2 Sided Club Join The Rebellion @ (3/5/21)~ 3PM EST - 9PM CET Join The Empire @ (3/19/21)~ 3PM EST - 9PM CET Pick & Experience Each Side! In The Only Way We Know How! Aiding The Good Fight Will Be Or Becoming The Dark Sins We Are!
  2. Hi folks, Jazz and I wish you all a Happy New Year. With this, comes the announcement, that we are going to work together on preparing a good party time. So if you see this you'll know we are involved. For January we have already planned something special. There are more details to come very soon. For now, we just want to wish you well. Have a good, peaceful and happy year ahead. Be healthy, be happy, be blessed. Stay tuned Jazz and Pan
  3. Club Matrix A.I.-3DX's , Matrix Monday~ Every Monday Event! 7PM EST Stay Tuned To Postings Here For Info On Each Monday's Event With Guest Live DJ'S, 3DX's Most Desirable Dance Team FLAUNT & An Fun, Exciting Atmosphere! Taking The Correct Pill & Entering The Machine! Answer The Phone, Wake Up To The Real World~! matrix monday poster.mp4
  4. A.I.-3DX'sVariety Friday! Following The Latest Info On Our Friday Events Hosting & Opening AT 3PM EST ~ 9PM CET Every Other Friday With Variations To The Diff Themes We Do Multiple Uniquely Styled Event With Amazing Guest Live DJ's The Sexy, Desirable, Co-ed FLAUNT Dancers! Starting The Weekend Off With An Fun & Exciting Time! Lets Spin To See What Event Will Be Friday! v-advert_post.mp4
  5. Our XXXMAS Special DEC 18TH ~ 2020 3PM - 12AM EST 9 LIVE DJ's 2 Dance Teams 1 Joyful TIME
  6. Come out and celebrate Sept. 14th starting 3pm est/9pm cet. Music by Live DJs mixed genres.
  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from all of us at the Underground. We have party's planned for the whole year for all of you regulars and new patrons of the Club as well! We welcome everyone. Each Month we will be revealing our Themed party and include special Details to keep you informed what is coming up. Posters are already being made and all the events are on reserved dates and posted on BunnyBot. We at the Underground are sooo Excited to Roll out new events for all to enjoy. So stay tuned here Folks! Downriverden, DJ Starrfyre, Sandymini, Madame, Juliette Lead Dancer on the Fire Stage,T
  8. Here is a fun Calendar for 3dxChat Members. As co-owner of The Soap Factory with BrandiWine, I thought it would be a nice way to say Thank you to Friends and Soapers (Soap Factory Guests) who have helped and supported us along the way to get it off the ground. We are open every Monday and Wednesday from 9pm GMT / 4pm EST till the DJ says "For Soap Sake - GO HOME!" PAGE 1
  9. Grand Opening of Noise Pollution by MissyBBKTime Please welcome a New Rock Band (Bloody Rock Band) in the Grand Opening of Noise Pollution. Come and feel the passion of the Rock @ Noise Pollution on Sunday 15th September 2018 - 21:00 GMT 0, 1pm PST, 4pm EST. Rock Out with DJ TTMax to the max, playing your Rock Music.
  10. The Legacy - A new club by DavidLee. And the Grand Opening for you all to come to... DavidLee personally invites you all to celebrate his new build and have an evening with him of rock, blues, great dancing and a few drinks of three or four or five with him and friends. There will be a Live DJ - the one and only Wild & Wacky Spinning Whizzard - JerseyDevil. The man is hot, sexy, in demand and indeed the Devil from Jersey If you are lucky - he may share his Canolli !!! Due to unforseen circumstances - The live DJ & stream was created and spun by DJ MIKEYDEE. Wh
  11. Happy go Lucky https://youtu.be/9htPNo9rND8 the Roof Second floor party room First floor Orgy Ice Cave Hot Spring Chill Zone Open mic for anyone looking to DJ, will open randomly, so feel happy and get lucky by hanging out.
  12. ✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿ ✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿☣✿ http://bdsmetalgang.tumblr.com/
  13. If you're viewing this post it means you are at least curious about what it is the Official Coalition of DJs is aiming to accomplish. Well, allow me to inform you. What made you ultimately decide to come up with the idea? I was initially part of a conflict involving two well known groups on 3dx, and I didn't like how DJs were being treated, nor did I like the fact that people that were once friends had turned into bitter enemies. I created the Official Coalition of DJs and made it available to everyone, not just DJs. What is the overall goal of the Official Coalition of DJs? The overall goal
  14. After the ceremony, we will be hopping over to another room where we will be CeLeBrAtInG!! <3 Join us!! The room is open to everyone...... Bring your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend etc.... or come single. Always new HEARTS to be found......... We look forward to seeing all who can make it <3
  15. How To Host the Best Party! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey Everyone Natsumi here, and I just wanted to go over a few things and give everyone some tips of how to make your room stand out among the others. Now Some of these might not work and you might already know these steps but I'm just putting them here for both Veterans and New Players that want to learn how to Host an awesome room. 1. Appearance and Attitude: Now the avatar personalization isn't really that important when it comes to this guide, but you should t
  16. Members Natsumi Kimbn Ukari xLisbethx SamanthaSweetheart
  17. Fancy something a little bit more quirky for your 3DX night out? London in game and real couple, Andras and LuciLondon would like to welcome you into their Camden based indie bar, Muse. Everyone else seems to have their music genre catered for here, and although we don't have flashy glowing cubes and resident djs, you are guaranteed a friendly welcome, good chat and some top music (indie, decade classics, chill, emo). And not a flashing cube in sight! Come join us for a night out in a London bar....excuse my husband dancing on the tables, its an ex Hungarian rockstar thing! On beta v
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