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Found 6 results

  1. Searching for Unforgettable Spaces? Are you on the hunt for spaces that truly captivate? Your ideal virtual haven is just a step away! Crafted with Care: Envision stepping into a world where every element feels thoughtfully placed. Get ready for an immersive experience that feels just right. A Space Tailored to You: Ever thought of a space that perfectly matches your style? Let's collaborate to shape an environment that's exclusively yours. Atmosphere Redefined: Picture the atmosphere you desire – now, let's bring it to life. With careful attention to lighting and ambiance, every moment will shine. Why Choose Me for Your Builds: Passionate Expertise: Ready for remarkable builds? I'm here to turn your vision into reality, even if you're new to this. Your Vision, Our Priority: Your input is invaluable. Let's work hand in hand to turn your dream space into a stunning reality. Professional Dedication: Looking for reliability? Expect timely communication, punctuality, and unwavering professionalism. Ready to Build Your Vision? Are you excited to embark on a journey within your very own 3DX Chat universe? Reach out today and let's start creating. Discord: _ertegun_ Email: erteguninnovations@gmail.com 3DX Chat Username: Ertegun Extraordinary builds await – are you ready to make your dream a reality?
  2. *Update July 14* The results are in! Thank you to all builders who participated in this contest. The winners for our Lovense x 3DXChat Builder Contest have been announced! Find out which world will be used for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party, happening end July 2022: https://discord.com/channels/537730036485193748/840587105775386675/996591694407536690 Stay tuned for more details coming your way soon! ----------------------------------------------------- Do you have a knack for designing epic world builds? It’s time to push your creative boundaries with our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party Builder Contest! From now till May 13, submit your world design ideas for our Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in Jul 2022 and you just might be the talented builder walking away with attractive prizes brought to you by the team of Lovense & 3DXChat! Theme: Summer Rave Party Guidelines: The idea of the submitted design must be original, but you can include in other objects from users with their permission. Design must include elements of a Summer Rave, e.g. large dance party floor for ravers, DJ section, area for dancers, laser lights, strobes, area for F&B (we all need booze!). Design must include elements of Lovense Toys, Lovense & 3DXChat branding, e.g. a large Lush 3 DJ stand and a photo wall with Lovense & 3DXChat logos. You may download the 3DXChat logos, Lovense logos and Lovense toy renders here to aid you in your design process: https://www.lovense.com/p/2paRbn Submission Requirements: Writeup of the description of your World, and short summary of what each section of the World has been designed for Sketch mockup of the world (Can be hand-drawn or digitally created) List of credits (if you have used objects designed by other creators in your submitted entry) Sample attachment of any Worlds you have built previously (to gauge your World Editor skills and level) Grand Winner Prizes: 350 USD 2 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 100K XGold 1 Year 3DXChat Membership Note: The winner will be given 1 month to create the winning world for the Lovense x 3DXChat Summer Rave Party happening in July 2022 1st Runner-up Winner Prizes: 1 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) 50K XGold 6 Month 3DXChat Membership 2nd Runner-up Winner Prizes: All Participants who submitted their entries 30K XGold 1 Month 3DXChat Membership Judging Panel: Lovense Team | 3DXChat Team | Redji (25% each) Public Votes (25%) Elements that Entries will be judged on: Creativity of the World design Presentation of the idea, and how it fits into the Summer Rave Party theme Building technique & methods Quality and thought put in the World design Atmosphere and effects of the World Use of animation triggers (bonus points) Submissions: Update: Submissions are now closed. Finalists Announcement & Public Voting: *NEW* Update as of 28 May: Congratulations to our Top 3 Finalists: Allalon, OliverX & JustinCredible! All finalists will be given up till Jun 25, Sat, 23:59 UTC+0 to submit their final completed worlds. Screenshots of the final completed worlds, along with their world concept will be posted for 3DXChat gamers to vote for their favorite world from Jun 27, Mon, 12:00 UTC+0 to Jul 6, Wed, 23:59 UTC+0. A lucky voter will be selected to win a special prize. Once the results have been consolidated, the winners will be announced on Jul 13, Wed, 12:00 UTC+0! 1 x Lucky Voter Prizes: 20K XGold 1 x Lovense Toy of the Winner’s Choice (excluding Lovense Sex Machine) Note: A random voter will be selected to win this prize for participating in our public voting! GLHF! With Love, Lovense & 3DXChat Team
  3. Sorry but I'm not very good with descriptions and you are smart enough to understand with pictures. Right? It is understood ? Do you know what it is? it is the place where the DJ plays, when I saw it for the first time on 3dx I thought it was a kitchen! If you have the light on, I recommend you turn it off because this room is DARK. If you already have the light off, turn it on, just to let me control your lives. You don't understand the meaning of the cage, right? Well, I could say the same about your life. Hey man, I was kidding before okay? I thought: I will upload next picture with no description, except the last one, so you forgive me. Yes, yes. I put this last image just to show you how cool I am!
  4. 261616288_videobm.mp4 ??Dibella Queen Vamp, créatrice de RP et Builder vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4 vidéo b m.mp4
  5. 3DX Xtreme is having a builders contest with GREAT Prizes. Go here to register, enter your images and/ or vote ! Need to be registered by December 4th to enter contest !!! https://3dx-xtreme.com If you will, Please add this poster into your gallery in 3DX Chat & get it RATED! Want to say thank you and good luck to the many contestants so far!!!! Thank you
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