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Found 3 results

  1. hey! i dont know if this has been suggested but i think adding in more weather effects like the snow in world editor would be very useful in creating more atmosphere in maps my first thought was rain, as i think it would fit in with many map styles including horror/Halloween ones ive created a example of what it may add to _rain_view.mp4 ive also had an idea for a material to go along with the rain rain _2.mp4 this could be added as a moving texture as we already have seen ingame as the ice melt 3f4de9bf2f18d138098a22cf87e5e57f.mp4 im hoping to see more of these kinda things added to the world editor so it gives that vibe a builder would want in there world! some other good ones would be falling leaves!
  2. could we have more skybox weather such like raining/foggy?
  3. Original thread, A.W.O.L. With only 3 days until I get to be with my friends again, I just wanted to make a little note: Although I neither wanted nor needed this break from the game, I learned a while ago that when one's in dense jungle, with the rain lashing down, it's foolish to fight against it, complaining about the weather It's better instead, to relax and let nature take it's course... the heavy precipitation washing away your worries, the rising steam gently escaping through the canopy, while the normally cacophonous sounds of the forest are drowned out by the thick layer of moisture in the air. Be at peace with the surrounding environment and conditions So, I took this opportunity for respite, which is why I haven't been in touch with many of you via the forums. Upon recieving a message, I will of course, always endeavour to respond when time permits (which has been ample over the past week). Don't think for one second that you haven't been in my thoughts, but restraint against our instincts is one of the primary factors that separates us from the beasts of this world, though it's not always a bad thing In a few days though, everything should start to fall nicely back into a pattern, and don't get the point of this message twisted... I have missed the heck out of my friends, and can't wait to give everybody a hug (づ^‿^)づ returning to the wonderful conversations and interactions I so look forward to each day Oh, and don't worry, I'm bringing fe-Mael with me... hehe
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