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Found 7 results

  1. First, I would like to say that this game is fantastic. When I tried it a year ago I had a big blast. I wanted to resubscribe today. I'm really frustrated with your system for renewing a subscription. What's wrong with BMT Micro? It blocks me for no reason, no response when trying to call them. I get all sorts of different errors every time I try: 'insufficient fund', 'Policy', 'Anti-fraud system', etc. I tried 3 different credit cards. I never had a single problem in the past on other websites. Can you tell me the easiest way to play your game? Looks like credit cards are impossible to use. I know there are other methods like crypto, but well. I never seen a complicated process like this for subscribe somewhere. I'm about to just abandon. Please help me.
  2. Friend recommended this game to me. I tried subscribing same day and got an email from BMT Micro that the card was denied. My bank told me just trying to subscribe through BMT Micro put my card under an immediate suspicious freeze. Okay, got my card unlocked. Went out and bought a pre-paid Mastercard to use and registered it online. Tried the process all over again. Another denied from BMT Micro. I then look into the Paypal option in the FAQ and turns out Paypal isn't even supported anymore. Only paysafecard which also happens to have this very tedious registration process of having to e-transfer your payment and having to buy denominations that would effectively make the sale you're having right now less effective as I'd be left with useless remaining balance on my paysafecard. Paysafecard really doesn't appeal to me as an alternate payment model. As a customer, I feel that this has been one of the hardest things to ever subscribe to on the internet. Would you consider just bringing Paypal into your system? It's universal, secure, and awesome. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Edit: I'm in Canada, if that matters to the billing process.
  3. Hello, for restriction reasons for the adults' website, I cannot use my bank's credit card to pay for the subscription. I contacted support and they recommended me find a virtual credit card on google, but I did not find something helpful for 3dxchat that I will be able to use in my country (in the south of Europe). Most of them are useful to pay only for specific websites or inside the united states or a few other countries. I want to know if you can introduce me a valid website to provide useful virtual credit card to use for 3dxchat, or if you can pay for my subscription and I payback to you using paypal?
  4. I have a gift subscription to 3Dx, but when I tried to install the update it failed and now I'm getting a message that my account doesn't exist. Can I get some assistance, please?
  5. Hi All, Is it possible for me to renew a subscription for a friend I know here in 3DX? I was not sure where to post this question and I will follow any information given on how to do that, if it is possible. THANK YOU Steffi
  6. i cancelled my subscription cause i cant pay for it til the 26th of january can i still log on the game and keep playing or do i have to wait til i renew my subscription?
  7. Hello there 3DXChat Community! Due to popular questions being asked in game and Forum by people up on how the subscription system works, I shall write here, explaining how it works in detail, for information to you all so you all understand clearly how the subscription system works for the future. The subscription system is an interesting one. If you still have an active sub, do not activate any new subs at that time, because it will overwrite it and you'll lose your remaining days on your presently active sub. Also, if you're on the recurring sub, please cancel it and wait for your current sub to expire then you can activate your new subscription plan/pre-paid codes. To cancel a recurring subscription fee, please go to here and use your details given to you on your receipt of purchase, not the login details of the game, but the details sent to you in email from BMT Micro, confirming your subscription plan. (Usually with your Order ID etc...) Then once that is cancelled and you can no longer log in the game when the remaining days of your cancelled sub are over. Go to here and copy and paste your subscription code in the code box and make sure there are no spaces before or after the code as it will come up as invalid. Then write your email of the account you currently log in to the game with. IMPORTANT: Make sure your email is correct, letter for letter, number for number. And the correct web extension .com , .co , .net etc... As one error can make you a whole new account and you'll then need to contact support to fix it. Also it works for the recurring subscription plans here. I hope this helps, although the support center explains some of this, it doesn't explain it in full details, which is why I am writing it here for you all to read and understand. Hopefully it will save some of you guys and girls, from losing days you already have saved as I have seen people lose weeks worth of days due to their thoughts thinking the subscription system would extend and "Add-on" the new time on their current sub, but this is not the case. P.S. The Pre-Paid Cards never expire, so don't worry that you may have to use it in a certain time frame, once bought, the code is valid forever, until used. Regards Ash
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