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Found 9 results

  1. Seriously. Several times I've accidentally picked up a drink and I have no clue how to put it down other than logging out and back in again. Is there any way to put down a drink after you've picked it up?
  2. Is this broken? I can't have it work now.
  3. So I've seen a few people wearing clothing combos I didn't think you could do/ or know how to do. For example I just recently saw a girl wearing that straps and collar dress (fifth down on left side) along with the latex pants. When I try to wear pants with any of the dresses I am unable to. Could anyone answer how this is done? I feel like it's probably easy, but I can't seem to find any info on it when I try and search it. Being able to mix clothing like this would really add to the variety of outfits.
  4. It won't let me start a thread in the development and suggestions thread so this is what u get lol... Ok...this is gonna sound bad but please treat it objectively...I am interested in thoughts on the subject it's not a bitch/moan/whine/complain excersise. Q - what is the point of all the threads in the Development and suggestions category? Explanation - Ash has his answers from devs thread which is awesome...and the development and patch notes thread which is too...no critique of those meant or implied...but... ...there's an update details thread (which gets updated less than the game...stop it Doll...lol)...there's I think a channel for those with the most friends to get stuff sent to the devs (if that still exists?)...and more importantly a myriad of other threads in that category...with masses of good ideas and awesome suggestions in them. Some unlikely propositions but also some really cool ideas for adds to the game. However - much as I love all these ideas and have even added a few half baked ideas of my own from time to time...I personally don't feel like any of this is really paid attention to. Might just be me...but I'm starting to feel like there's no point posting to these anymore. Maybe this bit of the forum should be removed or moved...if people want to discuss game adds it could just be a sub category of the open forum so it doesn't give the impression it's gonna go anywhere...I dunno. Can we improve it...what would we all like? I want to be told it isn't so or it's just me that feels this way. I don't have a solution...just rambling and thinking out loud Love u all *goes back in her toybox*
  5. The question is easy: do you play 3DXChat, in other words is your subscription active? I know some of you but not all. Think twice the question is not that silly
  6. Hey everyone I've just got a few questions if you don't mind, so I've played pretty much every sex game like this and I wanna try this one but it's a hard choice because the subscription costs a bit and I just wanna try it really. Thinking about buying one month and if I like it I'll buy the discount deal at christmas. I see a mention of XGold, some kind of microtransation currency you can buy, how intrusive is it? can I fully create my avatar with anything I want without spending XGold on every clothing item like in other sex games? Seems a bit much ontop of a subscription if so. How are new users treated when meeting people in general? are they looked down on or is it just fine? I know the etiquette of sex games, haha, so maybe I'll be fine. I hope this is all okay to post, thanks. -Sierra
  7. Hello everybody, I would like to know what you, those who play and love the game, think about it and if you would recommend to play it at the moment. Its been a very long time since I took a look at this game. I quit because I had no time to spend in the game anymore. And when my friends dropped the game - They deleted my acc and I totally lost contact to the game which made me sad. Now I received a nice little email with some new details and the fact that I have more time now got me interested if I could start again. I loved the game cause its not just a virtual "experience" ... It's far more social then any other game Ive ever plaied and people tend not to be light-minded. They really care for each other and enjoy the company. Is the game still like this? And how does it feel to play? Especially with the new version. I would be glad about any information =) Jack
  8. Hello everyone, I am someone thinking of buying 3dxchat and had a question that I couldn't seem to find answered due to there not being a lot out about the client yet. Me and my boyfriend were thinking of getting it since we are long distance and it was something new sounding that we could try to have fun. My question is that my boyfriend is a very feminine guy which is what I like (we are gay just to clarify), and it seems the men on here are mostly masculine. Is there female body with male anatomy (As in a transgender bodytype or something similiar?). I think I read there was a strap on for females but does it look like an actual penis, and can it cum like one? Thanks in advance if you can help me
  9. Guest

    Dreams and Nightmares

    I know this might seem totally random and pointless but please don't shoot me down...there's more random and pointless threads out there honest ...but... ...I had a horrible nightmare last night...it actually ended in a kinda lovely way but since it's fresh in my mind I thought I'd solicit you lovely people's views, (don't worry not gonna tell you the nightmare lol). I know there's plenty of literature out there on the subject but do you think dreams and nightmares serve any more purpose than to just re-organise the mess of thoughts and experiences from our day? Why are some Dreams and some Nightmares if it's just re-organisation of memories and such? I have a bad habit of analysing everything so I was trying to pick it apart but do you folks do this too or do you think it's pointless trying to examine them for anything useful to waking thought? Not expecting direct answers lol...just wanted to start a discussion and see what other people fink (Feel free to ignore ofc)
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