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Found 13 results

  1. Cheers everyone! now.... some things are even worth waiting and aging in the server queue No.... you for sure don't wanna miss this Cheers!
  2. Cheers all! We are saying goodbye to this years' summer by rocking the beach, BAYWATCH-style!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gaNDN2BV_U&t=30s So grab your beers, sunblocker and beach wear and join us for sand grinding fun!!! See you there... and don't hassel the hoff!
  3. The Fuckers of Anarchy MC is a club of close friends in this crazy world called 3dx. The name Fuckers of Anarchy is a reference to the TV series Sons of Anarchy, so it is no surprise that we have a motorcycle club / biker theme. As club of close and dear friends and long lasting members of 3dx we are not different than anyone else in this game: we want fun and not drama. Of course fun includes sex, but like for everyone else who is longer than 2 weeks in this game, this is important but not the most important thing. Friendship and loyalty is what keeps us in the game, this we found in FoA MC. The Fuckers of Anarchy are: AceX, Aira, Colleen, Conlan, Franck, Jassa, Malvasia, meilyn, Morgaine, Nikki, Onnyx, Porunn, TomJM, Veronique, Vince FoA MC was founded in september 2014 by Franck, Simon, BlackStation, Prenessys, Weedjoe and BlackDiamond. Out of these 6 founders, known as the original six, Franck, founder and former president, and Simon are active in the club ever since. FoA MC started as a hangout of these friends, and soon grew bigger to an establishment of 3dx culture. With regular internal and public activities such as our well known club parties we created a home for us in this impermanent sexchat and became a family. Internal the club developed a system with a flat hierarchy of prospects, the apprentices, patch members and leadership. This system proved to be that successful that it led to the persistent presence of FoA MC in 3dx with a long lasting, loyal member base of DJs, porn producers, party organizers and even brothel owners. If you are now interested in joining us you need to know that we do not accept applications but send out invitations to those that seem to fit into the group. We rather want a small circle of good friends than 100 members that don’t know each other. So we try to pay attention to who fits to us, who likes to spend time with us and vice versa. So just join us for our public parties, hang out with us and get to know us edit: updated memberlist
  4. ☠ FoA MC ☠ presents: Beach n' Beers! join us on our all new club beach for a beer, a dance and lots of fun! The party will be hosted on the 2.0 client. See you saturday, and bring your beach dress! or not, haha Cheeeeeeeers!
  5. I am proud to announce that ☠ FoA MC ☠ turned 2! 2 years of friendship, fun, parties, music streaming and an endless amount of cheering! Looking forward to party on with you all, ☠ CHEERS ☠ ! p.s.: the party will be hosted in 1.0!
  6. The ☠ FUCKERS of ANARCHY MC ☠ proudly announces: Malvasia opens the doors of her party room! So grab a beer, shake these rusty hips and let's fucking rock into the weekend!
  7. Fuckers of Anarchy MC will provide you an event with one of the greatest Heavy Metal band of all times!!! Grab lots of beers and bang your head with Eddie! Up the Irons
  8. DjDarkangel & DjOliU will provide you with great rock, hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock tunes. Gunfights will be prosecuted this time! So grab a beer (or even two *g*), shake your rusty hips and bang ...your head
  9. The ☠ FUCKERS of ANARCHY MC ☠ is proud to announce: Grab a beer, shake these rusty hips and let's fucking rock the weekend!
  10. The Fuckers of Anarchy MC is proud to announce the next Rock & Metal Clubparty! starting friday, january 29th, 8pm UTC - open end So grab a beer, shake these rusty hips and let's fucking rock into the weekend! ... And never forget to: cheeeeers!
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